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NCO Course 9

Course 9

When the dictionary definitions and the philosophical descriptions of the term profession are combined, what are the criteria for an occupation to be described as a profession? One that exhibits a body of theory and specialized knowledge, is a service-oriented, and has a distinct subculture.
What is wrong with the position that any given broadly defined occupation is either a profession or it it not? That approach leads to such conclusions as only doctors and not nurses are members of the medical profession and only officers and not enlisted are professionals in the POA.
List unprofessional actions that should not be exhibited by NCO's. *Coasting through a career.*Considering oneself only a technical expert*Ignoring direction from supervisior and then asking for forgiveness later.*inflating EPR's *Lack of job development
What motivates NCO's to choose to behave in a professional manner? *Seriousness about the commitment and obligation sworn to in oath of enlistment*Association with those with very high standards * Sense of urgency
what is the impact of unprofessional behaviors upon the AF? Degraded mission effectiveness *Decrease in organizational efficiency * Lack of subordinate growth and developement * no mentorship* prepetuates a just job attitude. Discipline and moral suffer.
Why is it important that we continue to move along the professional continuum? If we all don't aspire to improve or enhance our level of performance and abide by the same core values and responsibilities, then is no way the profession as a whole can advance the continuum of occupation.
Give example of how today's enlisted corps is significantly different than our predecessors in the area of higher level of responsibilities and education? Many enlisted member are assuming responsibilities once exclusively reserved for member's of the officer corps.
How does the profession of Arms subject area broaden our perspective of the military profession? Builds an appreciation of our membership in the POA provides information about events and issues that dicate military missions. it aslo teaches and reminds us about our history and culture. it provides the foundation for NCO mentorship.
What are the primary sources for our continued study and improvement? CMSAF profession reading list; AFM 10-100; AMN Manual; PFE; various applicable AFI, AFP AFM, AFDD; AF web site and the various new and publication links it contins; Enlisted Heritage Research Institute.
What three core objectives steer our national strategy process? *Enhancing our own security* Promoting democracy aboard *bolstering America's economic properity.
What is the primary focus of National Security Strategy? Primarily focuses on the myriad of military threats that the nation must confront.
When the Airlift first used as a mechanism for national Security? According to Maj Richard J Hazdra, USAF in the book Air Mobility -key to the US National Security Strategy, Airlift was first used as a tool of National Security through Berlin Airlift.
Which command solely provides Air Mobility for the US? Air Mobility Command (AMC)
How is National Security beneficial to National Strategy? National Security strategy is an extension of National Security. National Security is utilizing Air Mobility resources effectively by adhearing to National Security Strategy. this encourages prevention and limitations of terrorist activity.
Identify the three categories relative to determining a nation's need and interest's? How crucial is an interest to the US *How vital is an interest to the US. Which basic interest is at stake.
Who is responsible for determining the nation's needs and interest's? Strategies must weigh heavily the nations needs and interest and what national instruments of power are available and applicable.
Identify the four levels of intensity. *Survival *Vital *Major *Peripheral
How does National power support National Security? Strategy makers must match the instruments to the interest of the state. They must consider the interest and the instruments in existence to pursue those interests , which are matters of public policy choices. the choices are made in the political realm.
Identify the instrument of power? A Military Instruments The economic instruments Diplomatic Instruments Diplomatic Instruments if power
Military Instrument The extent to which a nation's armed forces can be employed national ends.
Economic Instruments It has similar constraints to the diplomatic /political instrument.
Diplomatic instruments The Ability to meditate successfully and to produce unique and mutually acceptable solutions to complex issues without application of military or economic power is the essence of the diplomatic instrument
Diplomatic instrument of power Employs methods that a nation uses to bring its international position and diplomatic skills to bear in pursuit of national interests.
Explain the relationship between each instrument of power. Each instrument of power is a combination of multiple factor, and any one can be crucial in a given situation.
When do the strategist determine which instrument of power to utilize? When they have identified the various levels of intensity of basic threats.
Explain the national Strategy processes support national Security There are four areas of importance -*Objective and initiatives, developing military strategy, designing operational strategy, and formulating battlefield strategy
What is the first step towards implementing a National Security Strategy? Defining the objective and initiatives. Doing so ensures strategists are formulating an effective National Security, it is the reasoning for devising a strategy process.
Military strategy Military strategy sets in motion the actions required to develop a military force structure and then deploys that force structure.
operational strategy Employs the forces provided by military strategy
Differentiate between tactics and higher levels of strategy relative to battlefield strategy Tactics are concerned with doing the job "Right" and higher level of strategy are concerned with doing the "Right" Job.
How are national decision defined? Decision about the content of grand strategy and the resources available to implement that strategy. These decisions are products of political processes with the federal Gov
What elements comprise the coordination of military strategy? Employment, Development and deployment
Explain the coordination process Coordination is geared primarily to relationships between instruments of power at the grand strategy level and refers to relations within the military.
How does Maj Regional Conflict affect National Security? They pose a heavy demand on US forces and definitely drive most force requirements.
Identify the four phase of department planning framework for MRC. *Halting the invasion *Force Build up *Counteroffensive * ensuring postwar stability
When does regional conflict exist? Anytime the use of military power by force is contemplated or activated.
Define Terrorism The systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against governments, public's or individuals to attain a political objective.
Identify two terrorist groups Baader-Meinhof gang of west Germany * The Japanese Red Army * Italy's Red Brigades * Puerto Rican FALN, *al-Fatah
How do terrorist groups finance their violent activities? Drug Trafficking is at the top of their list of illegal money raising activities, followed by robbery, extortion, kidnapping, blackmailing and arms smuggling
What is the responsibility of HIDTA Program? Responsible for reducing the production, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and chronic use of illegal drugs as well as the attendant money laundering of drug proceeds
Which drug does the intelligence community believes has been the primary narcotics threat since 1985? Cocaine
Which drug is most widely abused and readily available, illicit drug in the US? Marijuana
How does international organized crime negatively impact our nation? Drugs, Terrorism, and organized crime are far better financed and more disciplined than previously suspected.
What is the fundamental purpose of the US nuclear arsenal? To deter an enemy's use of it's nuclear arsenal or other weapons of mass destruction
What three inter-related factors are viewed as the formula that produces deterrence? *Capability * Will (intent) *perception
One which has manufactured and exploded a nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive device to Jan 1967 would be the definition of what key nuclear deterrence concept? NWS are one which has manufactured and exploded a nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive device prior to 1 Jan 1967
Weapons system reliability and individual reliability are two key components of reliability when referring to nuclear weapons. Implemented through a combination of mechanical means, security programs and different rules based on capabilities.
What was the name of the Berlin Airlift operation and it's significance to air transport? Operation Vittles underlined the importance and feasibility of sustained , round the clock mass movement of cargo by air.
What air power lessons learned in WW II were further developed in Korean War? The Air Tactics and techniques initiated during that war were developed further in Korea, including the AF first use of Jet aircraft the F80 Shooting star.
What was the most significant use of air power during the Vietnam War ? Why? LINEBACKER II, a very accurate and highly concentrated attack on sanctioned areas.
What was the final analysis of air power from Desert storm? Its swiftness, decisiveness and scope brought about the coalition's victory from the wise and appropriate application of Air power. Air power found, fixed fought and finish the Iraqi military.
Corporal Eddie Ward The Aeronautical division of the US Army Single Corps First enlisted man and one of aviation earliest pioneers.
Corporal Frank S Scoot First Enlisted man to lose his life in an Air Accident
Corporal Eugene Bullard The first black pilot and fighter pilot
SSgt Esther M. Blake The first woman to enlist in the first minute of the first hour of the first day that regular AF duty was authorized for woman
CMSgt Grace E. Peterson The first woman to be promoted to the highest NCO grade.
Duties of CMSgt of the AF? To advise and assist the Chief of staff and the secretary of the AF in matter concerning enlisted member of the AF.
Duties if First Sgt? *Promotes health, moral and welfare *Maintaining discipline and standards *Preparing and presenting Sq training and information programs * Supervising care and upkeep of Sq dormitories *Monitoring unit administration
What does adhering to the standards of dress and appearance promote? Unity with in an org, pride in oneself and in the org.
If we maintain proper wear of uniform at all times, including in public, how will this influence the public's opinion of the military? The public will see the military as a well disciplined organization capable of carrying out its mission, down to the last detail, no matter how trivial.
What is considered the most important benefit of drill for the military member? Teamwork development
How do ceremonies restore morale and build esprit de corps? It takes the cooperative effort by all members to reach a common goal requiring a great deal of discipline and practice.
What are the three way we honor the flag? *Salute it *Place it in the position of honor * never dip it to any person or object.
What are two elements of military etiquette? kindness and respect
What is the impact of gossip on the work center? Gossip can create a barrier to effective communications that inhibits productive work and accomplishment of the mission.
What is the purpose of the military salute? A Significant symbol of the military profession recognized as a mark well - trained disciplined military member.
Where is the first and second place of honor? The first place of honor is being on the right and second place of honor is that of being in front or going first.
What are some common meanings of ethics? Knowing the difference between right and wrong
List ex of the written forms of our military code of ethics *The Oath of enlistment * The UCMJ * The Code of conduct, DOD regulation 5500.7-R
Based on AFI 26-2909's assertions concerning professional relationship, what are some inferences we can make concerning unprofessional relationships? Unprofessional relationships are deadly to the org, create distrust, destroy communication, foster disrespect and distract from mission.
What is fraud? The deliberate attempt to deceive the AF of something of value. Ex False travel voucher.
Why is integrity first? Because it is essential. It's the inner voice of self control and starting point in everything we do in the AF.
Why is responsibility and accountability an important tent of integrity first? No person of integrity tries to shift blame to others (accountability)
Why is faith in the system an important tenet of service before self? Its important to believe in the processes and people in place do the right thing, that justice in the end will prevail
What are some examples of AF system we trust? The enlisted evaluation system, the decoration system and the promotion system, UMCJ supervisors supervising their people properly the chain of command, and the IG system
What are some of the important milestones in the history of code of conduct? Aftermath of Korean Conflict
Define the term parole in the context of prisoner of war?why would the enemy employ parole? Parole is a promise by a prisoner of war to a captor to fulfill certain condition, such as agreeing not to escape nor to fight again once released in exchange for such favors as relief from physical bondage improved food, and living conditions.
Define the three general types of hostile peacetime detention? *Hostile GOV detention *Hostile Gov-sponsored terrorist detention *Independent terrorist group detention
What are the key points of Article IV? The Sr. person must take command. with out discipline, camp org resistance even personal survival may be impossible.
What is the purpose LOAC? A Broad base set of rules defining how war is fought.
What forbidden targets, tactics and techniques are covered by law of war? Civilians, Medical personnel, Chaplains , POWs and detainees
Under LOAC what should your response be if you are given an order which would result in a crime being committed? You are not required to carry out the order; you are required to do what you can to stop the act from occurring and to report it to your chain of command
What is waste? The extravagant, careless, or needless expenditure of AF resources (Ex not getting the best use out of something having more of an item on hand than you need.
What is abuse? The intentional, wrongful, or improper use of AF resources. (Ex using GOV for personal transportation)
How are the concepts of communication preparation universal? The basic philosophy and guidence for effective writing and specking are the same. both involving getting started with communication subject research support selection and organizing
What is effective communication? Any communication that results in the receiver interpreting your message as you intended.
For what three reasons do we generally try to communicate with each other? *We communicate to direct *Influence *inform our audience
Explain the two audience concepts as it applies to communicate? *Every communication has a sending and receiving audience. * The sending audience is the group we represent audience is the group with whom we are communicating
Name four resources for researching your subject. * The library * Internet * Reference Books * Individuals
List five categories of reference tools. *Almanacs *Dictionaries *Encyclopedias *Thesauruses *E-resources
Name five types of support and give a brief description of each. *Definitions *Examples *Comparisons *Testimony *Statistics
Definitions Explain or clarify unfamiliar items
Examples provides an illustration of what we are trying to communicate
Comparisons provides a reference to a similar and usually better know item
Testimony Expresses the item through the words and thoughts of others
Statics Show relationships and or summarize collections of facts or data
In what manner did Socrates describe a speech? how does this correlate to a speech's structure? Socrates analogized the parts of a speech to the body of an animal having a head (Intro)Body and tail(conclusion)
Name five different patterns used when organizing a presentation *Topical *Time or chronological *Reason *Problem-solution *spatial or geographical *cause and effect
Describe mind mapping Brainstorming activity in which you allow unorganized thoughts to flow onto paper connecting like items thoughts as you progress.
What outlining formats are mentioned in this lessons? Scratch, formal, informal and talking paper
What do the terms "faulty analogy", "asserted conclusion", "loaded question" and "non sequitur" have in common? They are examples of flaws or fallacies in logic.
How are transitional devices valuable tools when arranging the elements your message? Transitional devices when woven skillfully into your, message can assist your audience in following your train of though.
What is the definition of a bullet statement? A Concise, written statement of a single accomplishment and the impact
What form of communication does the construction of a bullet statement resemble? Why the comparison of the two forms? The wording of a telegram
Name the types of bullet statements? Single idea and single accomplishment
How many types of physical behavior are there name them? three types, eye contact, body movement, and gestures
According to Dr. Kline what are the properties of voice? Quality, intelligibility and variety
Upon what factors does the intelligibility of a presentation depend? Articulation, pronunciation, vocal pauses, overuse of stock expressions and substandard grammar
What fundamentals of speech add variety to a presentation Rate, volume, force, pitch and emphasis.
According to the text, what are some characteristics of leadership? leaders lead, indicating they're out in front and are being followed leaders are not always on top and leaders motivate others
What measurement tools are available to access leadership skills? Scores of assessments, evaluations, test, indices, surveys
In developing an effective time management plan what two steps can you use? Establish a "to do" list and prioritize your tasks.
Explain the A-B-C Priority system This system requires you to categorize your tasks by level of importance .
what is the key to prioritizing task? To establish and focus on the 20% of the 80-20 rule
How does time management impact work center effectiveness? It leads to efficiency and increased productivity.
Name a key element to keep in mind when organizing your desk or work station Don't concentrate so much on the Prettiness of desk; think, instead about the level of organization a structured work area contributes to productivity.
How can you use delegation as an effective time saving technique? Delgation allows you to distribute a portion of your work load to others, usually subordinates.
What planning tools are available to help you manage your work center responsibilities? Calendars, planners, organizers, and personal digital assistants
What is recognized worldwide as one of the biggest time wasters? The telephone
Regarding time management, how do we fulfill our responsibilities as NCO's and demonstrate our adhere to AF Core Values? The effective application of time management techniques is a clear manifestation of our commitment to the AF core values.
What programs should we be actively involved in to maintain a high degree of proficiency in our specialty? Programs offered through education services, with special emphasis on career development courses and the CCAF program.
IN MEETING THE OBJECTIVE OF pme HOW DOES TIME MANAGEMENT HELP? Effective time management can improve our performance by helping to free up time that can be used to increase our knowledge about the AF as a profession and the role we play in it.
What is the definition of stress? Stress is the reaction on wear and tear our bodies experience to an external demand placed by our continually hanging environment.
What does GAS stand for and what are its three stages? General Adaption syndrome. Stage one -Alarm reaction/ Stage two-Resistance /and Stage three-Exhaustion
What are the four variables related to the stress intensity level? *Personal perception *social support *locus of control * behavior and personality types A & B
What are the seven subcategories of organizational stressor? Job stressors, role stressors, environmental stressor, interpersonal stressors, leadership stressors and organizational structure and change stressors.
what are the differences between role conflict and role ambiguity? Role conflict occurs when a person's job roles or personal responsibilities conflict with one another often seen as intermediate levels of supervision
What is social density and how can it create stress in the workplace? Social density is an individual's for personal space to feel comfortable.
What does organizational structure and changes stressors stem from? From the level of decision making and the magnitude of rules and regulations.
Why do extra-organizational stressor need to be addressed? If left undetected or addressed, external organizational stressor can build up and cause problems, either alone or in contact with org stressor
What are the three outcomes of distress? Physiological, psychological or behavioral outcomes.
what is the most common behavioral reaction to stress seen in the workplace? Alcohol consumption is one of the most widely recognized and probably the most common serious stress reation.
How is an organization impacted from the behavior of personal distress? Personal distress can impact quality and quality of work produced and result in abuse of equipment , waste of resources and supplies, low morale
What are the two goals of stress management programs and methods? To promise individual and/or organizational health and to minimize individual and org distress.
What is the purpose of individual stress management methods? Individual methods aim at changing you view of potential stressors, altering the response pattern and treating specific problems caused by stress.
How does an individual accomplish overload avoidance? Identify and avoid busy work, delegate or empower when possible, learn to say no, and attempt to negotiate reasonable.
What are organizational stress methods used for? organizational methods are used to help members adjust to and manage those stressors which cannot be removed.
What are the benefits of increased subordinate involvement? Reduction in tardiness and absenteeism, improvement in supervisor subordinate relations, greater acceptance of change, greater ease in leading subordinates and greater buy in ti decision made.
208-what is the definition of discipline as it relates to the AF? A Specific type or pattern of behaviors intended to ensure work center effectiveness and mission accomplishment brought about by a state of order and obedience.
208-How does discipline affect the AF culture The impact can be either positive or negative.
208-Why is the status of discipline important to the AF? The Status of discipline could be compared to the pulse of a person.
209-what is the purpose of the enlisted force structure? To define the specific responsibilities for each rank, the relationship between each rank and how rank fit into the org.
209- How does the enlisted force structure contribute to discipline in the AF? The enlisted force structure lays the foundation for effective discipline.
209-What is the supervisor's role in helping subordinates adjust to the military environment? The supervisor should engage in such activities that let subordinates know the supervisor cares about their well being and career development of subordinates.
210- Describe the action you should take in preventing disciplinary problems. A supervisor should communicated expected standard and behaviors to subordinates
210- what are some corrective measures you would utilize in order to maintain discipline? When prevention fails, the supervisor may have to resort to verbal or written counseling.
210- Describe the progressive Discipline process(PDP) The purpose of gaining and maintaining discipline within you org.
212. Supervisors role in minimizing substance abuse impact on the work center education, deglamorization and leading by example are all very good ways to aid in the prevention of sustance abuse in the work center.
211-How does substance abuse impacts productivity in the work center? Contributes to the decline in productivity b/c the affected individual's ability's to perform are impaired by the substance.
211-How does time in the work center is impacted by sustenance abuse? The affected individual is required to spend time away from the duty section in order to take care of the problem.
211-What is a potential safety mishap that could result due to substance abuse in your work center? provided a personal example focusing on a potential safety mishap that could occur as a result of substance abuse.
212-why is documentation so important to you and the subordinate in the identification phase of a substance abuse problem? Documentation provides the experts the info needed to help the person deal with the substance abuse problem.
212-What is the supervisors role during the intervention phase of a substance abuse problem? Communicating with the individual about the observed behaviors leading you to believe there may be a substance abuse problem.
211-How do the negative impacts on time and productivity in the work center impact work center moral? Other in the work center must do more work to compensate for the person dealing with a substance abuse problem
213-Key elements of Operational Risk Management (ORM) *Accept no unnecessary risk *Make risk decision at the appropriate level *Accept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
213-Define Operational Risk Management (ORM) ORM is a systematic approach to optimizing risk to support the best mission outcomes
213-What are some of factors to consider in when determining if benefits outweigh the cost? A comparison of time, money, quality quaintly and perceptions should be made in order to give infromation to decison makers to reduce the amount of personal subjectly.
213-what step of ORM deals with prioritizing the control measures? Step 3- Analyze risk control measures
213-What is the purpose of step 1 of the ORM? to Identify as many hazards in the process as possible
213-Why is ORM not just a safety program? Safety is one consideration in ORM. ORM is a continuous process designed to detect and assess risk using safty as one of the many consideration.
214- What is the Behavior model? A person feels a need ans sets a goal to fulfill that need.
214-How do coping behavior impact a leader? Understanding coping behavior will better prepare you to deal with the successes and failures of you subordinate.
214-Explain the role of learning in behavior? Learning is the process that conditions us to react to a given set of information in a certain way.
214-What is the differences between Herzberg's and McClelland's motivational theory? Herzberg's theory asserts that job satisfaction and dissatisfaction are caused by different work related factors called hygiene, MC theory is power, affiliation, and achievement
214-According to Vrooms's Expectancy theory, how does motivation occur? Motivation occurs b/c a person assigns meaning or value to what they see or perceive as a realistic outcome based on the behavior.
ORM Step 1 Identify the hazard
ORM step 2 Assess the risk
ORM step 3 Analyze risk control measures
ORM Step 4 Make control decision
ORM step 5 Implement risk controls
ORM step 6 Supervise and review
215- How do aspirations fit into the behavior process? Aspirations are a motivational force that play a role in our long term goals and have an interactive behavior in reaching that goal.
215-2-What is the role of personality in the behavior process? personality motivates us and impacts how we are typically going to respond to any given situation?
215-3-How would a poor self-concept in your subordinate make it more challenging for you as a supervisor? A poor self-concept results in person not believing that they are capable or important.
215-4- what is the difference between self efficacy and locus of control? Self efficacy refers to the degree of control people feel they have in a given situation.
215-5- What is the role value as a behavior influence? we use values to make pass judgment and make decision.
216-1-a -what is a team? Group organized to work together.
216-1-b-What is group dynamics? An Ongoing process involving interaction of individuals within a team to achieve the desired objection
216-3- what must a team do to be effective, and how is the effectiveness measured? Team member must actively participate, provide feedback and partake in the decision making process.
216-2-How are teams goals developed? Through a group process of team interaction and agreement in which team is willing to work toward achieving these goals.
216-4-As a supervisor what techniques would you use to get your subordinate to perceive themselves as a team members? Communicating effectively, conveying work center goals, and ensuring team members know their roles in and how they contribute to mission accomplishment.
216-5-What are tasks element? Those actions associated with accomplishing the team specific task, solving a problem or accomplishing a goal
215-6- what are the categories of non task elements? *personal identity in the team *Relationship among team members *Identification within the org.
215-7- what efforts is necessary in team building? The effort in which a team studies its own process of working together and acts to create a climate that encourages and values the contributions of team members.
217-1-what are the important responsibility of a leader and how it accomplished? To develop an exciting vision for the team to achieve
217-2-Team members must do what in order to accomplish desired results? Build commitment, trust and support for one another.
217-3-One important attribute is necessary for long term goals. What is that attribute? patience
217-4- What conditions must be met for team building to be successful? There must be a high level of interdependence among team members.
218-1-List the stages of team development. *Forming *Storming *Norming *performing
218-2-What stage is known as the exploration period and what behaviors are associated with that stage? Forming-being cautious, exploring boundaries, non committal
218-3-In which stage is flexibility is the key and hierarchy is of little importance? performing stage
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