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OW Grapes!!!!!!!!!!

Grape Varietals and Wine Characteristics

white, high alc, peach, melon, nutty, new oak Pouilly-Fuisse, Chard
white, fresh apple, citrus, acidity, med-full body Macon, Chard
black, resistant to rot, best on granite, raspberry, red cherry, low tannin Gamay
red, carbonic maceration, raspberry, red cherry, low tannin, kirsch, banana, bubblegum, cinamon Beaujolais, Gamay
white, dry, full body, spicy, fruit, can be high sugar, can be botrytized Traditional Alsace
white, full body, dry, med+ alc, high acid, pronounced flinty minerality Alsace Riesling
white, aromatic spice, lychee, roses, sweet baking spice, golden colour, full body, med-low acid, high alc (14%), oily texture Alsace Gewurz
white, full body, high alc, gold colour, less aromatic, pronounced flavour, fresh & dried fruit, smokey & honeyed with age Alsace Pinot Gris
white, delicately perfumed, some richness but far less than Gewurz, best drunk young Alsace Sylvaner
red, light, fruity red fruit nose, lacks weight of Burgundy style Alsace Pinot Noir
white, style directly related to degree of ripeness, does not ripen evenly, best on limestone, consume in first ten years, can be smokey, can be botrytized, honeyed with age Loire Chenin Blanc
white, neutral, green apple, grassy, versatile, food friendly, ripens early, frost resistant Loire Melon Blanc
white, vinification avoids excessive herbaceousness fruity character, fermented at moderate temperature, may use old oak, restrained style Loire Sauv Blanc
red, deep colour, ripe soft tannin, more dark fruit, less pepper, some winemakers oaking Northern Rhone Syrah
white, apricot, spice, floral, rich mouthfeel, low acidity, late ripening, some new oak, some off dry Northern Rhone Viognier (Condrieu)
white, adds richness and weight as part of Marsanne-Roussane blend Marsanne
white, adds acidity and perfume as part of Marsanne-Roussane blend Roussane
blends with Marsanne for wines with complex honey when aged, rots Roussane
red, deep colour, full body, spicy, aromatic, floral freshness, textural elegance, premium+ Cote Rotie Syrah
red, large volume, light body, carbonic maceration, raspberry, pepper N. Rhone, Sain-Joseph, Syrah
red, fullest bodied N. Rhone, lay last 50+ years, rarely co-fermented with 15% Roussane and Marsanne Hermitage, Syrah
red, tolerant of drought, concentrated spiced red fruit, jammy in hot years, can be over 14.5% S. Rhone, Syrah
red, supports Grenache, deep colour, high tannin, needs cooler sites S. Rhone Mourvedre
red, supports Grenache in fresh fruity rose, provides fruit, not tannin or colour S. Rhone Cinsault
red, no typical style, carbonic mac, stainless steel, oak, open fermentation, blending, from light & fresh to full and savoury S. Rhone Red
white, best richly textured, full bodied, high alc, low acid, subtle aroma, not oaked S. Rhone white
red, full bodied, richly textured, concentrated spice & red fruit, high alc, some mediocre and dilute Chateauneuf-du-Pape
rose, full bodied, intensely flavoured, complexity with age, Grenache & Cinsault Tavel & Lirac
red, high tannin, high acid, deep colour, lacks fruit, old vine on poor soil can be good S. France Carignan
red, aromatic, fruity, suited to rose, adds fruit to Carignan based wines S. France Cinsault
red, ripens only in hottest sites, thick skinned, adds richness, colour, complexity in blends S. France Mouvedre
white, dry, peachy, full body, low acid, oxidize easily, often blended S. France, Grenache Blanc
red, tannic, acidic, ages well, red or black fruit when young, spice with age, not much vegetal or floral Italian reds
white, neutral due to high yields, high quality are spicy, herbal, firm acid, high alc Italian whites
red, thin skin, susceptible to disease, late ripening, low yielding, needs good exposure Nebbiolo
red fruit, rose, liquorice, hay, high alc, high tannin, high acid, pale colour, develops for decades Nebbiolo
red, high acid, low tannin, likes oak more than Nebbiolo, sour cherry, savoury, likes clay Barbera
red, high tannin, low acid, best young, rich, ripe, damson fruit, seldom oaked, likes limestone Dolcetto
white, light, fresh, candied fruit, ideal with seafood Cortese
white, peach, apricot, NW Italy, Roero _____ Arneis
red, sappy, herbal, black fruit, light, fruity, drink young, pairs with duck, salami, similar to Bardolino Corvina (Valpolicella)
full bodied, intensely flavoured, chocolate, dark rum, leather, high-prem+ Amarone della Valpolicella (Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara)
ripasso, adds unpressed skins of Amarone to basic Valpolicella, adds alc, tannin, complexity, pairs with blue cheese Recioto della Valpolicella
white, high acid, pronounced floral notes, camomile, iris Garganega
red, high acid, high tannin, med alc, likes oak, complex fruit, earth, blueberry, sour cherry Sangiovese
red, high acid, high tannin, high alc, gamey, pungent, often diluted by yields Montepulciano
white, age worthy, fennel, candied fruit, mineral Verdicchio (Castelli de Jesi)
red, high acid, high tannin, likes oak, floral, blackberry, black cherry Aglianico
red, deep colour, high alc, high acid, jammy fruit Primitivo on terra rossa
white, ripens late, hardy, high acid, long lived, good for late harvest, floral, peach Riesling (Germany)
white, ripens early, less flavour, less acid, simple floral, fruity, no premium quality Muller-Thurgau
white, ripens earlier, less flavour, med acid, neutral fruit, earthy, can produce top quality Silvaner (Germany)
red, deep colour, high yields, potential in Germany Dornfelder
red, thick skinned, low acid, likes moderate climate, fresh strawberry when using CM, often blended Tempranillo
red, high alc, matures early, used for rosados (intense, compled & fruity in Priorat) Garnacha Tinta
thick skin, drought tolerant, needs hot sunny conditions, very dark, powerful, spicy, high tannin, high alc, med-low acid, used in Cava Monastrell (Mourvedre)
white, susceptible to oxidation, used in sherry, anearobic can be light, crisp, melon, peach, skin contact and barrel fermentation can be full bodied Verdejo
white, thick skin, resists fungus, aromatic, intense peach, apricot, fruity, high acid, can be full bodied, NW Spain Albarino
white, simple, fruity, refreshing, youthful consumption, or full bodied, textured, complex with skin contact and barrel fermentation Rueda (Sauv blanc & Verdejo)
high acid, crisp, drink young, Albarino Rias Baixas
red, low yields, high colour, intense flavour, high tannin, port, dry reds in Douro & Dao Touriga Nacional
sweet & dry reds, deep colour, complex, high tannin Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo)
red, low yields, fruity, rich texture, nutty with age, blended in Bairrada Castelao
red, thick skins, deep colour, high acid, high tannin, main grape in Bairrada Baga
white, semi-aromatic, fresh, fruity, retains acid even in heat, used in Vinho Verde Arinto
pale lemon, high acid, low alc but may be up to 14%, local varietals, slight sparkle Vinho Verde
red, ruby colour, red fruit, soft tannin, high acid, ageing potential Dao red
white, med body, high acid, full of character, Portugal Dao white
red, soft, fruity, drink young with aging potential, known for sparkling wine, Portugal Barraida red
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