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OR 4N151Av1

Surgical Technology volume 1 CDC set A

How would you best summarize the mission of the USAF Medical Service? Maintain the health of USAF personnel to ensure maximum readiness.
Where in the organizational structure would the MAJCOM command surgeon fit? Above the OMG commander and below the Surgeon General
What organizational structure is used for most medical facilities that support surgery? Group with four squadrons
Who has the overall responsibility for all activities of the medical group? OMG commander
In most cases, a surgical technician is assigned to the Medical Operations Squadron
How are the shredouts in the surgical services career field identified? by an alphabetic AFSC suffix
What duties can be performed by a "c" shredout surgical technician? assisting in the reduction of fractures and positioning for casting
The assistance NCOIC or NCOIC of surgery is usually a 4N171
Once assigned a 9 skill-level, what duty position is most likely assigned? Superintendent of surgical services
What CCAF degree can a surgical technician obtain? Associates in Surgical Services Technology
Under the AECP, after graduation frm college you can enter either OTS or COT
What hospital committee grants surgeons certain operating privelges? credentialling
Ideally, who should serve as the surgeon's first assistant during an operation? another physician
What surgical team member usually oversees patient care activities performed in the recovery room? an anesthesiologist
When a member of the surgical team unnecessarily exposes a patient's body, what two ethical standards have been directly violated? respecting human dignity and ensuring the patients physical privacy
What is the best way to handle a co-workers mistake or substandard duty performance? avoid public criticism and try to talk to the person in private.
To protect the patients privacy, what should you do if you have to pick up and transport a patient of the opposite sex to the OR? make sure you have a chaperone of the same sex as the patient in the room before you attempt to transfer the patient to the gurney
When is it appropriate to address adult dependent patient's by their first name? only when they ask you to do so.
What famous person had a significant impact ondevelopment of a code of conduct for the nursing profession? Florence Nightingale
What is fidelity? keeping a promise
Whatis the term that describes a person's moral duty to refrain from harming himself, herself, or others? nonmaleficence
What is apathy? widespread lack of concern
What is the most common cause of illness in surgical personnel? the body's response to constant physical and emotional strain
What is true about stress? It can be managed
When performing deep-breathing exercises to relax, you should inhale slowly through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth
If a patient is injured because a 5-lvl surgical technician failed to raise the side rails on a gurney, the technician is guilty of negligence
What tort have you committed if you threaten to hit a patient? assult
What tort has been committed if a surgeon intentially strikes a technician? battery
Who is not entitled to sue the federal government for the negligent acts of it's employee's? active duty military personnel
Where are your specific legal duty responsibilities and liabilities documented? in your specialty training standard
Patients rights evolved from and fall under ethical standards relating to medical practice
Patient sensitivity applies to all patients and potential patients
What is the key to patient sensitivity? acting professional at all times
What type of human need is most patient care and treatment designed to fulfill? physical
What need suffers a critical blow when a patient is unnecessarily exposed or examined? self-esteem
What is the main purpose of the perioperative nursing care plan? to establish goals for surgical nursing care which will become the guide for specific nursing actions
What form is used to document the operating room nurse's assessment of the surgical patient's needs and the plan of care designed to satisfy those needs? AF Form 1864 - Perioperative Nursing Report
Most of the surgical team's efforts at satisfying a patient's psychological needs will occur during the immediate preoperative period
Which patient fear originates from the patient's ignorance or misunderstanding of surgical procedures and anesthesia? fear of the unknown
What action should a surgical specialist take if a patient says before surgery that he or she is afraid of dying during surgery? report the commment immediately to a nurse, doctor or anesthesia staff member
What response can a surgical team expect when a highly anxiuos patient is operated on? difficult anesthesia induction, increased incident of laryngospasms, and fluctuations of intraoperative vital signs
During what stage of dying does the patient begin to prepare for the "final journey?" acceptance
What is the one thing surgical personnel cannot do to reduce a child's anxieties and fears during their surgery? permit the parents to stay with the child during surgery
The primary purpose of the AFOSH program is to protect all Air Force personnel from work-related death, injuries, and occupational illness.
What is a reponsibility of all Air Force personnel under the AFOSH program? provide training for employees in job safety, fire prevention and protection, and health as required by AFOSH guidelines
AFOSH standard 91-8 Medical Facilities outlines responsibilities of key safety personnel, discuesses general safety practices, and specifies safety requirements for particularly hazardous areas in a hospital
What area does AFI 90-821, Hazard Communication pertain to? Chemical disinfectants such as glutaraldehyde
What form (or approved equivelant) should be used to document hazardous communication? MSDS
Who is responsible for training workers how to identify and report hazards, accidents,and incidents? the supervisor
Who must attend the Air Force Supervisor's Safety Course? all first level supervisors
T/F - under no circumstance should AF Form 765 Medical Treatment Facility Incident Statement, be placed in a patient's medical record. True
What is the quickest and most effective way to abate hazards? report to your supervisor any situation you think may be hazardous
What unsafe practice is one of the biggest causes of job absenteeism in the Air Force and civilian work industries? improper lifting of heavy objects
What are good guidelines to follow for good posture while you are standing? slightly flex, but do not lock your knees; tighten and pull in your abdominal and buttock muscles; keep your feet perpendicular, between 6-12 inches apart; and distribute your weight equally, preferably on the balls of your feet
When lifting or moving patientsor heavy objects, you can increase the efficiency of your muscle power by keeping your center of gravity close to your base of support.
Materials such as glass, rubber, and plastic are resistant to electrical flow and are called insulators
What medical device is most susceptible to microshock? internal pace makers
If an extention cord must be used in surgery, it should be constructed of heavy-duty three-conductor wire
Why do operating rooms have isolated power systems? to help prevent electric shock caused by leaking current from defective equipment
When a continual line isolation monitor indicates a ground fault or circuit overload, what is the first thing you do? shut-off and unplug the last electrical device that was plugged in
What type of electrosurgical unit/system always requires the use of a separate patient grounding electrode? monopolar
The ground electrode should be placed on a large skin area as close to the surgical site as possible
What safety feature found on small gas cyliders and their corresponding regulators prevents you from accidentally connecting a nitroud oxide cylinder to an oxygen regulator? a pin-index safety system
What is the reason for "cracking the valve" on a compressed gas cylinder before attaching a regulator? to clear the valve opening of dirt and debris
The main hazard associated with any type of steam sterilizer is burns
At what point is it safe to open a steam sterilizer door? when the chamber pressure reads "zero" PSI
What action is taken to reduce the risk of personnel being burned when sterilizing solutions? Run the solutions as the last sterilizer load of the day so they can cool overnight
What should you do as soon as possible if you are injured by a sharp instrument, needle, or blade report the incident to the NCOIC or OR supervisor so that an indcident report can be filled out
What is an equipment operator not allowed to do during their PM responsibilities? adjustments and calibrations(MERC's job)
How can you minimize radiation exposure from X-ray equipment? a lead apron, rotate room assignments, and standing behind someone wearing a lead apron
The prefix in the word "intra cellular" means within
what does the prefix "retro" mean in the word retroperitoneal? behind
A syllable or group of syllables added at the end of a word or word's base to form a new word and give it grammatical function is called a suffix
The suffix in the word "chondromalacia" means softness
A suffic that means "fastening" or "fixation" is -pexy
The root word that refers to the "head" is cephalo
What root word refers to the cornea of the eye? Kerat(o)
What root word denotes the cervix? Trachel(o)
The root word that refers to the urinary bladder is vesico
The medical term used to refer to a reconstruction of a bone is osteoplasty
What medical term should you use to refer to an incision into a tendon? tenotomy
T/F - use of abbreviations in outpatient records is encouraged. False
The abbreviation a surgeon most likely would use in a postoperative order to indicate that a patient may get out of bed "as desired" is ad.lib.
The abbreviation which means "if necessary" is s.o.s
What is the medical abbreviation for biopsy? Bx
What symbol isused to denote a female patient?
Movement of a body part towards the body's midline is called adduction
What term is used to describe movement of the foot which results in decrease of the angle between the heel and the backside of the lower leg? dorsiflexion
What directional term best describes the relationship of the elbow to the wrist? distal
What is the sequence for an enlisted persons chain of command? Immediate supervisor, NCOIC, flight NCO, superintendent, squadron commander
Created by: JTtdsClark
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