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The Rhone !!!!!!!!!!

All about the Rhone WSET3

Northern Rhone 8 cru appelations, powerful Syrah is only red, Viognier for white, most crus are tiny
Rhone 2 climates, different grapes, Northern has higher prices and reputations
N. Rhone continental, warm summers, granite soils, steep slopes, southern aspect for best sites, northern limit of Syrah
N. Rhone Syrah deep colour, ripe soft tannins, more dark fruit, less pepper, young wine makers now oaking
N. Rhone Blending Cote Rotie, co-fermentation of Syrah & Viognier, Viognier adds aromatic intensity & viscosity
N. Rhone CM just for early drinking less expensive wines
N. Rhone Viognier apricot, spice, floral, rich mouthfeel, low acididty, late ripening, some new oak, some off dry
Marsanne & Roussane Marsanne adds richness & weight, Roussane adds acidity & perfume, ages well, develops complex honey, Roussane gets rot
Cote Rotie AC N. Rhone, narrow terraces, machine harvest impossible, red only syrah, can ad 20% Vigonier
Cote Rotie wines deep colour, full body, spicy, aromatic, floral freshness, textural elegance, premium to super-premium prices
Condrieu AC N. Rhone, white only, Viognier, old vines, steep, well exposed, terraced vineyards, tiny quantities, south of Cote Rotie, premium prices
Chateaux Grillet AC Condrieu, N. Rhone, like Condrieu Viognier
Saint-Joseph AC N. Rhone, South of Condrieu, best near Tournon where similar to Hermitage
Saint-Joseph wines N. Rhone, mostly red syrah, some whites from Marsanne & Roussane
Saint-Joseph near Condrieu N. Rhone, excellent, large volume, light body, CM, raspberry, pepper, prices higher than Crozes Hermitage
Hermitage AC N. Rhone, single continuous S facing vineyard, steep aspect, variations in lieux dits with blending between
Hermitage AC wines fullest bodied in N. Rhone, may last 50+ years, rarely co-fermented with 15% Roussane & Marsanne
Crozes-Hermitage AC N. Rhone, East of river, high volume, mixed terrain, vineyards on slopes to north, plains to south
Crozes-Hermitage wines reds are Syrah (up to 15% M & R), quality, style, price varies by vineyard, lighter wines from plains, fuller wines from slopes, expensive may be oaked, mostly medium priced
Cornas AC N. Rhone, south of Saint-Joseph, sun baked, south facing
Cornas wines 100% Syrah, deep colour, full body
Southern Rhone 95% of Rhone production, mostly generic appellations, variable quality, mostly grenache
S. Rhone Rankings 1. 8 cru AC, 2. Named Cotes du Rhone Village, 3, generic Cotes du Rhone Village, 4. generic Cotes du Rhone
S. Rhone environment varied soils, best are stony, draught in summer, Mistral dammage, low bush trained Grenache
S. Rhone wines complex blends, as many as 12 or more varietals
S. Rhone Grenache tolerant of drought, concentrated spiced red fruit, baked jammy in hot years, can be over 14.5%, high sugar ripeness, high yields dilute flavours
S. Rhone Syrah supports Grenache, adds colour, adds tannin, needs cooler sites
S. Rhone Mourvedre supports Grenache, deep colour, high tannin, gamey, savoury, likes hottest sites
S. Rhone Cinsault supports Grenache in fresh, fruity rose, provides fruit but not tannin or colour
S. Rhone white Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Bourboulanc, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussane
S. Rhone red no typical style, CM, stainless steel tanks, oak, open fermentation, blending, from light bodied fresh to full bodied savoury
S. Rhone white best are richly textured, full bodied, high alc, low acidity, subtle aromas, not oaked
Cotes du Rhone Village higher min alc, lower max yields, higher percentage of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre
Named Cotes du Rhone Village more body, structured, spiced red fruit, 18 villages, 100% must come from named village, best wines outside cru
Chateauneuf-du-Pape AC S. Rhone, largest cru, first AC in France, varied soil, flat vineyards, lots of diversity, mostly Grenache
Chateauneuf-du-Pape wine red, best are full bodied, richly textured, concentrated spice & red fruit, high alc, also many mediocre, dilute, unbalanced, some white, no rose
Chateauneuf-du-Pape white Clairette, Roussane, Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc – No Viognier, No Marsanne, No rose
Tavel & Lirac S. Rhone, only crus on west bank, full bodied, intensely flavoured, complexity with age, Grenache, Cinsault
Tavel S. Rhone, rose only AC
Lirac S. Rhone, top quality red & white in Neuf-du-Pape style
Gigondes AC S. Rhone, red, Neuf-du-Pape style
Vacqueyras AC S. Rhone, red, Neuf-du-Pape style
Beaumes de Venise AC S. Rhone, red, Neuf-du-Pape style
Vinsorbes AC S. Rhone, red, Neuf-du-Pape style
Created by: agmakosz