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Chpt 3 medisoft


many scheduling methods are there six
name the 6 methods of scheduling stream or individual, wave, modified wave, cluster, double booking, open office hours
how long do you schedule routine appts every 15 mins
how long do you schedule Physical and New pt appts 45mins to 1 hour \
what is stream scheduling each pt given a time slot based on status and need
what is wave scheduling 2 or more pt usually on the hour for same dx
what is Modified wave scheduling every 15 mins
what is cluster scheduling group similar procedures together at same time or day of week
What is double booking scheduling two pt at the same time for same provider
what is open office all pt are walk in and seen in the order arrived
How buttons does office hours have on medisoft 15
what are the most common types off appts Routine, follow up, new pt, ER appts, pre-op, walkins, and consultations
what do you do before pt arrives for appt pull chart, verifiy ins, check for any test results
When pt arrive what do you do Verify all demographics,ins and obtain copay
what do you do when pt is ready to leave schedule follow up if needed, confirm copay has been received
What is time study its a technique to evaluate the current scheduling system
Created by: deefuerte