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class. of tissues

histology study of tissues
mesenchyme connective tissue proper,cartilage,bone and blood dervie from this embryonic tissue
smooth muscle tissue found in walls of hollow organs,two layers,uninucleate and spindle shaped
cardiac muscle tissue only in the heart, involuntary movement,branching uninucleate cells that fit togther: intercalated discs
skeletal muscle tissue meat of flesh attached to the skeleton,voluntary control,long cylinclrical and several nuclei per cell
matrix componet: fibers provides support, includes collagen fibers,elastic fibers and reticular fibers
matrix componet: ground substance composed of interstitial fluid,cell adhesion,proteins and protenoglycans
hematopoietic blood forming tissue replenishes the body's supply of red blood cells
adipose fat tissue provides insulation for the body tissues; source of stored food
areolar connective tissue soft packaging material that cushions and protects body organs
dense connective tissue ligaments and tendons
osseous tissue bone
connective tissue primarly for protection,support and to bind together other tissues fo the body
exocrine glands retain ducts, secretions empty through ducts to epithlial surface; both external and internal glands
endocrine gland ductless glands, secretions are all hormons extrued directly into the blood or lymphocic vessels that weave through glands
transitional shape shape that can change; flat when full, round when emtpy
columnar shape column shaped
cuboidal shape cubed shaped
squamous shape flat and wide shaped
stratified many layers; protects
simple one layer; absorbs and for secretion
what are the four types of tissue epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous
connective tissue characteristics contains a matrix; contains rich supply of blood vessels
matrix non-cellular, non-living material between cells of connective tissue
characteristics of epithelical tissues regeneration,avascularity,supported by connective tissues,celluarity,polarity
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