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Body Structure

Medical Terms

anatomical position upright, with face front, arms to the side, palms forward, feet parallel
anterior (ventral) toward the front (belly) of the body
posterior (dorsal) toward the back of the body
medial toward the midline of the body
lateral toward the side of the body
proximal nearer to the point of attachment or to a given reference point
distal farther from the point of attachment or from a given reference point
cranial (cephalad) toward the head
frontal plane is made at right angles to the midline and divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
coronal plane is made at right angles to the midline and divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
Dorsal Cavity contains cranial cavity and spinal cavity (canal)
Ventral Cavity contains the Abdomino pelvic cavity, Thoracic caviity and separated from the Abdomin o caviity by the Diaphragm
Abdominopelvic Cavity contains the Abdominal Cavity and Pelvic Cavity
Peritoneum The large membrane that lines the abdominopelvic cavity and covers the organs within.
Four sections/quadrants of the Abdomen right upper quadrant (RUQ), Left Upper quadrant (LUQ, right lower quadrant (RLQ, and left lower quadrant (LLQ).
Nine regions fo the Abdomen Right and Left hypochondriac region, Right and Left lumbar region, Right and Left ilac (inguinal) region, Epigastric region, Umbilical region, Hypogastric region
prone lying face down [pr(on)e on the face]
supine lying face up [s(up)ine facing up]
ROOT cephal/o MEANING head EXAMPLE microcephaly - abnormal smallness of the head
ROOT cervic/o MEANING neck EXAMPLE cervicofacial - pertaining to the neck and face
ROOT thorac/o MEANING chest, thorax EXAMPLE intrathoracic - within the thorax
ROOT abdomin/o MEANING abdomen EXAMPLE intraabdominal - withing the abdomen
ROOT celi/o MEANING abdomen EXAMPLE celiac - pertaining to the abdomen
ROOT lapar/o MEANING abdominal wall EXAMPLE laparoscope - instrument for viewing the peritoneal covaity through the abdominal wall
ROOT lumb/o MEANING lumbar region, lower back EXAMPLE thoracolumbar - pertaining to the chest and lumbar region
ROOT acro MEANING extremity, end EXAMPLE acrocyanosis - bluishdiscoloration of the extremities
ROOT brachi/o MEANING arm EXAMPLE antebrachium - forearm
ROOT dactyl/o MEANING finger, toe EXAMPLE dactylospasm - spasm (cramp) of a finger or toe
ROOT ped/o MEANING foot EXAMPLE pedometer - instrument that measures footsteps
ROOT pod/o MEANING foot EXAMPLE podiatric - pertaing to study and treament of the foot
Acrokinesia is excess motion (-kinesia) of the extremity.
Animals that brachiate swing from place to place using their arms
PREFIX circum- MEANING around EXAMPLE circumoral - around the mouth
PREFIX peri- MEANING around EXAMPLE periorbital - around the orbit (eye socket)
PREFIX intra- MEANING in, within EXAMPLE intravascular - within a vessel
PREFIX epi- MEANING on, over EXAMPLE epithelium - tissue that covers surfaces
PREFIX extra- MEANING outside EXAMPLE extrathoracic - outside the thorax
PREFIX infra- * MEANING below, *degree EXAMPLE infracostal - below the ribs(cost/o)
PREFIX sub- * MEANING below, under, *degree EXAMPLE sublingual - under the tongue (lingu /o)
PREFIX juxta- MEANING near, beside EXAMPLE juxtaposition - a location near or beside another structure
PREFIX para- MEANING near, beside EXAMPLE parasagittal - near or beside a sagittal plane
PREFIX retro- MEANING behind, backward EXAMPLE retrouterine - behind the uterus
PREFIX supra- MEANING above EXAMPLE suprapatellar - above the patella (kneecap)
intrauterine in or within the uterus
parasacral beside the sacrum
digit a finger or toe (adjective digital)
lumen The central opening within a tube or hollow organ.
septum a wall dividing two cavities
fundus The base or body of a hollow organ, the area of an organ farthest from its opening.
sphincter A circular muscle that regulates an opening.
syndactyly fusion of fingers or toes
laparotomy incision through the abdominal wall
celiocentesis surgical puncture of the abdomen
midsagittal A ___ plane divides the body into equal R and L parts.
The thoracic cavity is ______ to the abdominal cavity. superior (above in a higher position)
The epigastric region is _____ to the umbilical region. inferior (below in a lower position.
epigastric region, located above the stomach
umbilical region, named for the umblilicus, or navel
hypogastric region, located below the stomach
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