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Alopecia: Baldness
Chloasma: Abnormal brown pigmentation of skin.
Psoriasis: Pink or dull-red lesions covered by silvery scales.
Subungual: Under the nail
Wheals: Slightly elevated patches characterized by a white center with a red periphery.
Pruritus: Severe itching
Onychia: Inflammation of nail bed, frequently with loss of nail.
Peau D'Orange: Dimpled skin resembling an orange peel.
Gynecomastia: Abnormally large mammary gland in the male
Electrodesiccation: Destruction of tissue by dehydration performed with high frequency electric current.
5 functions of the skin: Helps maintain body temp,Protects against mechanical/thermal injury,Synthesizes vitamin D obtained from sun,Prevents entrance of harmful chemicals,Holds shape body
Name the layers of the skin: Epidermis,Dermis,Subcutaneous tissue/layer(hypodermis)
List 5 structures of the second layer of the skin: Fibrous nerves, subaceous (sweat) gland, hair follicle, blood vessels, sweat gland
What is the function of melanin: Skin pigmentation. To prevent sun burn.
Created by: Brittanyyy