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Micro Practical 6/12

How do you label a Petri dish? Name, date, time, site, Drs name
How do you incubate a Petri dish? agar side up
Culturette- what is the purpose of transport media? Prevent swab from drying out
How do you label a culturette? Name, date, time, site, Drs name
What temp do you incubate at? 37 degree Celsius
What is the isolation streaking technique? 3 sections. Circle drawings. 8 swipes. 3 stabs in original quadrant
What is aseptic technique? pinky finger on dominant hand is used to take off the cap of tube
What stains are used in Gram Stain? Crystal violet, iodine, gram stain decolorizer, safrinin
What microscope objective is used to report smear? 97x with drop of oil
What is SBAP? Sheep blood agar plate
What is alpha? Green halo
What is Beta? clear around colony
What is Gamma? no change
Where is the bacitracin disk placed? placed in original area
What does the bacitracin disk identify? Group A Strep
What equipment is used to Rapid Strep Testing? 2 swabs, tongue depressor and test kit
What does the rapid strep test, test for? Group A beta hemolytic streptococcus- strep pyogenes
What areas do you swab while swabbing the throat? Tonsillar area, back of throat, include suspicious areas
What technique is used to swab the throat? Figure 8 motion
What does Hemoccult test for? Blood in stool
What areas should you get a sample of for a Hemoccult test? black slimy areas
How do you know if a Hemoccult test is positive? Turns blue
What is the patients prep for Hemoccult? no red or rare meat 2 days prior or during test
When do you develop the control on a Hemoccult test? After results are developed, interrpreted, and recorded
What equipment is used to collect a urine culture? Uricult
What media is used to collect a urine culture? CLEB, EMB
How do you interpret the number of organisms on Uricult? Check against sheet. <10,000, 10,000-100,000 and >100,000
How do you determine the gram stain of an organism on Uricult? CLED- gram pos/neg EMB- Only gram neg
How is a wet mount slide made? One drop of saline
What microscope objectives are used for Wet Mount? focus on 10X then go to 45X
What organisms are seen for a Wet Mount? Yeast
What is the patient prep for O & P? No laxatives, antacids, or stool softeners for 7 days
How is the sample to be collected for 0 & P? Urinate first, sample must be collected in container. Can NOT be collected from toilet
How much do you fill the vial for O & P? Till red fill line
Created by: lecopple1