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Finals NA 6/11


In which injection do you not aspirate ID intradermal
Route for penicillin injection ventro/dorso
Route for heparin injection SubQ
Route for allergy injection SubQ
Route for insulin injection SubQ
Route for hormone injection IM intramuscular
What size needle and gauge used for ID and what type of testing 27 G; TB/allergy testing
Questions asked before giving a TB injection Ever tested positive for TB Ever been treated for TB Ever recieved the BCG vaccine Are you pregnant Can you return in 2-3 days for reading
What is PPD Purified Protein Derivative-Mantoux
What route dose a Z-Track injection require IM dorsogluteal
Example of medication given in Z-Tract injection Iron
What are insulin syringes calibrated in Units
What site are intrarticular injected and example of medication class. joint: cortizone
Unit unit
SL sublinugual
ss one half
tsp,t teaspoonful
tr or tinct tincture
TO telephone order
Created by: bossy777