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abate to subside, to reduce
abhor to hate very much
accolade an award, and honor
affluent rich and prosperous
ambivalent undecided, neutral, wishy washy
belittle to make seem little
belligerent benefactor
benefactor one who provides help
benevolent generous and kind
benign gentle, not harmful
candor truthfulness
charmisma magical ability to attract followers
chronic constant and lasting a long time
civil civilized
coherent holding together and making sense
derogatory dissaproving, degrading
despondent extremely depressed
digress to stray from main subject
discreet prudent, judiciously reserved
disspiate to thin out, drift away, or dissolive
eccentric not conventional
elusive hard to pin down
emulate to strive or equal to, usually through imitation
equitable fair
extrovert an open, outgoing person
facetious humorous, not serious
figurative based on figures of speech
flaunt to show off
frugal economical, penny-pinching
futile useless, hopeless
genteel refined, polite, aristocratic
gregarious sociable, enjoying the comfort of others
heirarchy an organization based on rank or degree
hyperbole an exaggeration used as a figure of speech
hypothetical uncertain, unproven
idiosyncrasy a peculiarity
idyllic charming in a rustic way
illicit ILLEGAL
imminent just about to happen
impeccable flawless, entirely without sin
judicious excercising sound judgement
laconic using few words especially to the point of being rude
latent present but not visible
legacy something handed down from generation to generation
litigate to try in court
magnanimous forgiving
malleable easy to shape or bend
maudlin silly and sentimental
mercenary hired soilder
mercurial emotionally unpredictible, rapidly changing mood
nebulous vague and hazy
nepotism showing favoritism to friends or family
nominal in the name, A-OK
notorious famous for something bad
novel new, original
oblique indirect, at an angle
oblivion total forgetfullness, the state of being forgotten
obscure unknown, hard to understand
orthodox conventional, adhering to established principles or doctrines, especially by religion, by the book
pacify to calm someone down
partisan one who supports a particular person
paternal fatherly or fatherlike
patronize to treat as an inferior
pensive thoughtful and sad
pivitol crucial
premise an assumption
prevail to triumph, to overcome rivals
proficient thoroughly competent, skillful, very good (at something)
proximity nearness
rebuke to critisieze sharply
rebut to contradict, to argue in opposition to
reciprocal mutal, shared, interchangeable
redundant unnecessarily repetitive
renounce to formally give up or resign
sagacious discerning, shrewd, keen in judgement
salient sticking out, conspicuous
scrupulous strict, careful
secular having nothing to do with religion or spiritual concerns
tenacious persistent, stubborn
tentative experimental, temporary
tenuous flimsy, extremely thin
usurp to seize wrongfully
utopia an ideal society
vacillate to be indecisive, to waver
verbose using far too many words
slander gossip
sporadic stopping and starting
staunch firmly commited, in favor of
stipulate to require something as part as an agreement
stoic indifferent
subtle not obvious
taciturn untalkative by nature
temerity boldness, recklessness
viable capable of living
vindictive seeking revenge
voacation a job or occupation
volatile quick to evaportate, highly explosive
willful deliberate
zealous devoted to something, fervent
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