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Exam Room final

What are the MA's responsibilities in minor surgery? Scheduling,making sure consent is signed, ordering supplies, cleaning and/or sterilizing instruments. Setting up the room for surgery, preping the patient, assisting the physician, labeling& transporting specimens,applying dressings, recovering patient
what does post op mean? pertaining to patient care following surgery.
What does Pre-op mean? pertaining to the preperation before surgery.
What does Intra-op mean? pertaining to patient care during surgery
What is required with suturing? Since suturing is a sterile procedure you will need sterile gloves,mayo stand anestetic, sterile basin, sterile transfer forceps and holder, sterile water, need 7 suringe, sharps container and a biohazard waste container
What do you need to look for on packages? expiration dates,right equiptment,right medication,right route, right patient, right time, right documentation
How are surgical Instruments Classified? They are classifieds by what they do and what they are made of.
What are the different metals used in surgical instruments? surgical steel: rust proof, stain proof, heat resistant
What are the three stages of wound healing? Inflammatory stage:blood serum forms, clot forms, scab begins to form. granulation phase: tissue absorbs fluid, cells form on edge of wound scar begins to form. Contraction Phase: small blood vessels absorbed, scar shrinks color lightens.
what is the anatomy of the urinary system? Bladder, ureters, kidneys, urethra, urinary meatus
What is the purpose of the kidneys? the purpose of the kidney is to maintain the body's water balance and acid base balance. production of the 2 internal regulatory substances: erythrpoietin.
How much water intake would you have to consume to produce enough urine for one day?
Created by: sarahvanaelstyn
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