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3S071 Vol 1

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Which office is responsible for providing administrative support to DCS/A1 by managing workflow and tracking correspondence, administering and monitoring security and safety programs, managing personnel programs and maintaining unit level records? AF/A1Z.
Which office does AF/A1 communicate new AF manpower requirements to? AF/A1M.
AF/A1 utilizes the Directorate of Force Management Policy, AF/A1P, to communicate all of the following except developing programs that help commanders meet their Airman’s needs.
Which office serves as the program manager for AF/A1 information technology (IT) planning, programming, and development? AF/A1X.
Which team provides independent analytical support directly to AF/A1 on all issues affecting Air Force members and their families? AF/A1I.
Which office defines the culture of Airmen, including core standards and values and expectations? AF/A1D.
As of December 2000, how many MAJCOMs are there? 9.
Which field operating agency (FOA) is responsible for determining requirements in order to execute wartime and home-station capabilities supporting Air Force Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)? Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA).
HQ AFPC integrates and executes personnel operations to develop Air Force people and meet field commander requirements.
When HQ AFPC needs to communicate with the rest of the AF, how many directorates do they have to choose from? 7.
When AF/A1 is looking for the field operating agency (FOA) that measures and manages the outcome of improved service delivery and efficient investment in human capital through an effective performance management system, they contact Air Force Personnel Operations Agency (AFPOA).
When Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC) requires help with updating new unit type codes (UTC) and posturing, which directorate assists? Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations.
When Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC) requires helps to facilitate the professional development of all enlisted members and officers below the grade of colonel, which directorate assists? Assignments.
For assistance with recruiting and training interns to provide future Air Force leaders, the Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC) contacts the directorate of Civilian Force Integration.
Which directorate assists Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC) with developing guidance, procedures and training for active duty, Guard, Reserve and civilian personnel accountability? Force Operations.
When Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC) requires help with information technology, which directorate assists? Personnel Data Systems.
The Air and Space Expeditionary Center (AEFC) is a direct reporting unit (DRU) assigned under Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center (HQ AFPC).
Why did the Air and Space Expeditionary Force Center (AEFC) move from Langley AFB, Virginia to Randolph AFB, Texas? To bring two centers together in order to focus on operationalizing personnel by merging permanent authorizations, wartime requirements, and assignments under a single commander.
Air Force Reserve Command’s (AFRC) mission is to provide citizen Airmen to defend the US and protect its interests through air and space power.
How many officer and enlisted personnel, who serve 37 flying wings, does Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) have? 74,000.
The Air Force Reserve Command’s (AFRC) vision is citizen Airmen fully engaged in global vigilance, reach, and power.
How many aircraft does the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) have assigned to it? 440.
In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating hurricanes of all time, hit the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast. Which agency was activated to help with this natural disaster? Air National Guard (ANG) Bureau.
During peacetime, the Air National Guard’s (ANG) combat-ready units and support units are assigned to most Air Force MAJCOMs to carry out missions compatible with training, mobilization readiness, and contingency operations.
When Air National Guard (ANG) units are not mobilized or under federal control, they report to the Governor.
If you were providing guidance to an enlisted retraining customer and the customer asked about the duties and responsibilities of a specific Air Force specialty code (AFSC), what reference would you refer to? Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD).
The duties and responsibilities of the craftsman and the superintendent include all of the following except advise civilians on civilian personnel issues and programs.
You will be working as a master sergeant superintendent over a section, and you will supervise two technical sergeant craftsmen and four staff sergeant craftsmen. What reference will tell you how their duties and responsibilities differ? Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (AFECD).
The duties of the superintendent include all of the following except perform dormitory checks.
The wide scope of work activities and functions that the superintendent is responsible for include all of the following except control.
Why is it important to document interruptions to upgrade training, such as leave or TDY, in the 623a? If the trainee is having difficulty with upgrade training, the documentation can be referenced.
A trainee completes CDCs, is signed off on core tasks and duty position tasks, has completed a minimum of 15 months in UGT, and has been recommended by the supervisor and approved by the commander; this trainee is working towards which level of UGT? Journeyman.
All of the following are the trainee’s responsibilities in the upgrade training process, except develop a Master Training Plan (MTP).
Within how many days of an active duty trainee’s initial assignment should a supervisor conduct and document an initial evaluation of trainee qualifications? 60.
When granting an individual access to classified information why is it important to use the SF 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (NdA)? To ensure that you have a source document signed and dated by the individual that reflects the date when the attestation was completed.
When confirming a person’s level of access to classified information, why is it imperative to complete the four-step process? Because each step is an intricate piece of the “checks and balance” process.
When dealing with classified material why is it important to develop and implement control measures? To help decrease the possibility of classified information falling into the wrong hands.
What is the disposition of the nondisclosure agreement (NdA) and why is it so important the NdA be mailed off to the appropriate agency? 50-year disposition date and it may need to be referred to again.
When communicating a message, why is it important to have success with your audience? So they will pay attention long enough to receive and understand the message that you are sending.
Why is it important to fight for feedback in effective communication? So the coordination process becomes much smoother and you get a second pair of eyes to review the communication.
What would happen if an individual brought reenlistment paperwork into the reenlistments clerk and the clerk did not update MilPDS? The reenlistment would not get updated, no DJMS action would be produced, no update would flow to finance, and the individual’s pay would stop.
When performing the E6C update on the Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS), if the individual is in “T” status, why is it important to correct the status to “A” status before completing the update? The update will produce a reject at DFAS.
Which office is responsible to update the reenlistment and extension DJMS transaction? Reenlistments.
What is the E63 update used for? To update a reenlistment or extension to DFAS.
If a new military personnel section (MPS) commander looks at the MPS’s file monitor TR and sees an excessive amount of data in overdue status, what can he/she conclude? The Military Personnel Section (MPS) Commander did not complete their updates in a timely manner.
A transaction register (TR) is a standard product designed and controlled by HQ AFPC.
Transaction registers (TR) are programmatically controlled and produced daily.
If an individual is showing up on the MAP2-Enhancements-HYT, what conclusion can we make? Individual is within 1 year of their HYT and their reenlistment code does not reflect the correct code.
SrA Jones recently got married and her name is showing on MAP5. Why? SrA Jones married another military member.
If an inbound contacts customer service stating they have not been assigned a sponsor, their name should be reflected on MAP 7A.
If an individual is inquiring about reenlisting, and the reenlistments clerk checks MilPDS and the individual is not a US citizen, the reenlistments clerk sends the member to customer service so the clerk can check MAP 27.
If Lt Smith walks into your office and asks a question, but you cannot locate his record in MilPDS, what could this mean? That he is an AFROTC accession, and his personnel record has not been built yet.
If a member is projected to PCS and receives a demotion, what MAP can the Career Development Section use in order to ensure database integrity? MAP 6.
What is the symbol for the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel? AF/A1.
How many subordinate offices does the AF/A1 have? Six.
What are the names of the subordinate units that fall under the AF/A1? Issues Team (AF/A1I), Executive Services (AF/A1Z), Directorate of Amn Development and Sustainment (AF/A1D), Directorate of Manpower and Organization (AF/A1M), Directorate of Force Mngt Policy (AF/A1P), and Directorate of Plans and Integration (AF/A1X).
Which subordinate unit is responsible for providing independent analytical support directly to AF/A1 on all issues affecting Air Force members and their families? AF/A1 Issues Team (AF/A1I).
What is the office symbol for the issues team? AF/A1I.
What is the office symbol for Executive Services? AF/A1Z.
What specific programs and policies is AF/A1D responsible for? CO’s Spt Prgm,Compensation Policies,Community Spt Prgm,Amn Dvlpmnt, Academic Dvlpmnt and Skills Dvlpmnt Prgms, Asgmt and Classification Policy, and Officer Dvlpmnt and Commissioning Programs in spt of the USAF Acdmy, and AF Officer’s Accession and Trng
What specific programs and policies is AF/A1P responsible for? TF Mngmnt & spc prgrms, policies for Retirement/Separations & Mil Promo/Evals, Rated-Officer Mngmt, Readiness Opns, Contingency & Mob Plans, & Readiness Sys & Analysis, Civilian Personnel Policies & Process Designs, Skills Mngmnt & Retraining Policy
Which agency is directly above the MAJCOM? Headquarters Air Force.
Which agency is directly below the MAJCOM? Numbered Air Force.
Who does the MAJCOM act as the functional OPR for? Base-level MPF/MPSs and CSSs.
How does the MAJCOM monitor the effectiveness of the MPF/MPS and CSS programs? Through periodic staff assistance visits.
How many MAJCOMs are there, including provisional MAJCOMs? There are 9 MAJCOMs and 1 provisional MAJCOM.
Where is HQ AFPC located? Randolph AFB, Texas.
What is the mission of HQ AFPC? HQ AFPC integrates and executes personnel operations to develop Air Force people and meet field commander’s requirements.
HQ AFPC was formed during the consolidation of which 2 centers? The Air Force Military Personnel Center and the Air Force Civilian Personnel Management Center.
How many personnel work at HQ AFPC? 2,200.
How many directorates make up HQ AFPC? 7.
Which directorate is responsible for execution of the AEF? Directorate of Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations.
Which directorate is responsible for managing the assignments and facilitating the professional development of all enlisted members and officers below the grade of Col, with the exception of chief master sergeants and members of the staff judge advocate? Directorate of Assignments.
Which directorate is the information technology focal point for AFPC and provides life cycle management and sustainment of personnel data and records management systems for active duty military? Directorate of Personnel Data Systems.
Which directorate manages the infrastructure resources of the center: budget and financial, manpower, civilian training and personnel programs security, safety, facilities and civil engineering? Directorate of Staff.
Where is the AEFC located? Randolph AFB, Texas.
Is the AEFC a DRU, FOA, or MAJCOM? Direct Reporting Unit (DRU).
What is the AEFC responsible for? Executing the AF battle rhythm by centrally managing the scheduling and sourcing of forces to meet combatant commander requirements.
Where is the AFRC located? Robins AFB, Georgia.
What is the mission of the AFRC? To provide citizen Airmen to defend the US and protect its interests through air and space power.
What resources belong to the AFRC? 74,000 off/enl serve 37 flying wings equipped w/their own acft and 7 associate units that share acft w/an active duty unit/4 space opns sq that share satellite control mission with the active force/ more than 620 msn spt units
Which office administers the ANG? The National Guard Bureau.
How many missions does the ANG have? Two.
What are the names of the missions of the ANG? Federal and state mission.
How many personnel work for the ANG? 108,000 officer and enlisted.
What does AFSC stand for? Air Force specialty code.
What AFI, chapter, and table explains the AFSC breakdown? AFI 36–2101, Chapter 1, Table 1.1.
What does the first position of an AFSC stand for? Career Group (numerical).
What number represents the craftsman skill level? 7.
What does the second position of an AFSC stand for? Career Field Group (alpha).
What does the third position of an AFSC stand for? Career Field Subdivision (numeric).
What does the fourth position of an AFSC stand for? Skill level.
What number represents the superintendent skill level? 9.
Master sergeants function primarily in what capacity? Superintendent, craftsman, supervisory, and management capacities.
What is the strategy of the AF OJT training program? To develop, manage, and execute training programs providing realistic and flexible training producing highly skilled, motivated force capable of carrying out all tasks and functions in support of the AF mission.
Who is responsible to advise and assist Airmen to reach long-range career objectives? The supervisor.
What are the different training components? Job knowledge, proficiency, and experience.
What are the different skill levels? Apprentice, journeyman, craftsman, and superintendent.
When do you conduct and document an initial evaluation of active duty trainee qualifications? 60 days.
What does the success and quality of trainee training greatly depend upon? The relationship between you, the trainer, and the trainee
In what references can you find information pertaining to the proper protection and safeguarding of classified material? DOD 5200.1–R and AFI 31–401.
What is the AF’s policy on protecting and safeguarding classified material? To identify, classify, downgrade, declassify, mark, protect, and destroy its classified information and material consistent with national policy.
What is a nondisclosure agreement (NdA) and what is it used for? A NdA is a SF 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (NdA). It is used for giving individuals access to classified information when required for mission-essential needs.
Upon completion of access, individuals must sign what form? AF Form 2587, Security Termination Statement.
How does Webster’s Dictionary define communication? The exchange of ideas, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, or writing.
What are the seven steps to effective communication? (1) Analyze purpose and audience. (2) Research your topic. (3) Support your ideas. (4) Organize. (5) Draft. (6) Edit. (7) Fight for feedback.
What is the most common mistake when sending an e-mail? Forgetting to attach any/all attachments.
What form is highly utilized by the USAF to take phone messages? Standard Form 63.
What are the most important rules to consider when taking a phone message? 1 Who is the msg for? 2 What is the name of who called/visited? 3 What phone number can the sender be reached at? 4 Ask the individual if there is any msg to take? 5 Sign your name as the person that took the message. 6 Date and time the message.
What is a DJMS action used to update? The Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS) files.
Who is responsible to update the reenlistment and extension DJMS transaction? MPS Reenlistments.
Which update is used to report a reenlistment or extension to DFAS? E63.
Which update is used to correct a member’s Master Military Pay Account (MMPA) term of enlistment (TOE)? TU5.
Which update is used to cancel an extension? TU6
What does the DJMS data change TR reflect? The data on transactions flowing to DFAS plus the source document identification code.
What does the DJMS Miscellaneous TR reflect? Expired ETS, confirmations, and AUTODIN discrepancies.
What does the DJMS Rejects TR show? The pay effecting transactions submitted by the MPS which rejected at DFAS.
What does the File Monitor TR reflect? Actions that need to be taken to ensure MilPDS contains accurate, timely data.
The File Monitor is divided into what two parts? Suspense and notification.
What is the purpose of the MAPs? To serve as tools to help identify potential database errors and assist with database integrity issues.
How often should MAPs be produced? At a minimum, on a monthly basis.
Why were the workbooks designed? As a baseline tool to aid in the clean up and maintenance of the MilPDS data base.
What is MAP6 used for? It is used to ensure that reenlistment codes, assignment availability codes and promotion eligibility codes are compatible.
What is MAP12A – Promotion Data used for? It identifies members below the grade of MSgt with more than 18 years TAFMS, and within 2 years of their DOS.
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