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MAT Animal Group

MAT Animals

Fox Group Skulk
Fox Young Kit/cub/pup
Fox Male Reynard/Dog/Tod
Fox Female Vixen
Goat Group Herd/Tribe
Goat Young Kid
Goat Male Buck/Billy
Goat Female Doe/Nanny
Goose Young Gosling
Goose Male Gander
Goose Female Goose
Goose Group Skein
Gull Young Chick
Gull Male Cock
Gull Female Hen
Gull Group Colony
Heron Young Chick
Heron Male Cock
Heron Female Hen
Heron Group Siege
Jay Young Chick
Jay Male Cock
Jay Female Hen
Jay Group Band
Lark Young Chick
Lark Male Cock
Lark Female Hen
Lark Group Exaltation
Nightingale Young Chick
Nightingale Male Cock
Nightingale Female Hen
Nightingale Group Watch
Hare Young Leveret
Hare Male Buck
Hare Female Doe
Hare Group Trace
Hawk Young Eyas
Hawk Male Tiercel
Hawk Female Hen
Hawk Group Flight
Horse Young Male: foal/colt; Female: Filly
Horse Male Stallion/Stud
Horse Female Mare / Dam
Horse Group Herd
Kangaroo Young Joey
Kangaroo Male Buck/Boomer/Jack
Kangaroo Female Doe/Flyer/Jill/Roo
Kangaroo Group Troop
Leopard Young Cub
Leopard Male Leopard
Leopard Female Leopardess
Leopard Group Leap
Mule Young Foal
Mule Male Jack
Mule Female Hinny
Mule Group Barren
Peafowl Young Peachick
Peafowl Male Peacock
Peafowl Female Peahen
Peafowl Group Muster
Pig Young Piglet/shoat/farrow
Pig Male Boar
Pig Female Sow
Pig Group Herd
Seal Young Pup
Seal Male Bull
Seal Female Cow
Seal Group Crash/Herd/Pod
Squirrel Young Pup/kit/kitten
Squirrel Male Buck
Squirrel Female Doe
Squirrel Group Dray
Swan Young Cygnet/Flapper
Swan Male Cob
Swan Female Pen
Swan Group Wedge
Toad Young Tadpole
Toad Male Male
Toad Female Female
Toad Group Knot
Turkey Young Poult
Turkey Male Tom
Turkey Female Hen
Turkey Group Rafter
Wolf Young Pup
Wolf Male Dog
Wolf Female Bitch
Wolf Group Rout
Badger Young Kit/Cub
Badger Male Boar
Badger Female Sow
Badger Group Cete
Bear Young Cub
Bear Male Boar
Bear Female Sow
Bear Group Sleuth
Bee Young Larva
Bee Male Drone
Bee Female Queen
Bee Group Swarm
Boar Young Piglet/Shoat/Farrow
Boar Male Boar
Boar Female Sow
Boar Group Sounder
Cats Young Kitten
Cats Male Tomcat
Cats Female Queen
Cats Group Clowder
Chicken Young Chick, pullet (hen), cockrell (rooster)
Chicken Male Rooster
Chicken Female Hen
Chicken Group Brood
Deer Young Fawn
Deer Male Buck/Stag
Deer Female Doe
Deer Group Herd
Duck Young Duckling
Duck Male Drake
Duck Female Duck
Duck Group Team (flight) Paddling (in the water)
Eagle Young Fledgling/Eaglet
Eagle Group Convocation
Ferrets Young Kit
Ferrets Male Hob
Ferrets Female Jill
Ferrets Group Business
Fish Young Fry/fingerling
Fish Group Shoal
Frog Young Tadpole/Pilliwog/Froglet
Frog Group Army
Cow Young Calf
Cow Male Bull
Cow Female Cow
Cow Group Herd
Elk Young Calf
Elk Male Bull
Elk Female Cow
Elk Group Herd
Elephant Young Calf
Elephant Male Bull
Elephant Female Cow
Elephant Group Herd
Porpoise Young Calf
Porpoise Male Bull
Porpoise Female Cow
Porpoise Group Herd
Whale Young Calf
Whale Male Bull
Whale Female Cow
Whale Group Herd
Rhinoceros Young Calf
Rhinoceros Male Bull
Rhinoceros Female Cow
Rhinoceros Group Crash
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