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english final

character foil a character who provides a strong contrast to another character. EX: mercutio is a foil to the lovestruck romeo
Tragedy: a play where the character suffers a down fall EX: when Romeo thought Juliet was dead.
Aside: characters comment directly to the audience. when the servants were talking
Prologue: introductory section of the play EX: at the begining where it talks about and introduces the characters, settings, and whats about ot happen
Dramatic Irony: the audience/reader knows infomation that the character does not know EX: when romeo though juliet was dead. the reader knew it was a fake death
Dialogue: conversation between characters
soliloquy: long speech by a character.
chorus: group of people who tell you where you at in the story. EX: naratives
indirect characterization: character shown threw action not words EX:"she sat in the corner all alone scared to talk to another kid."
Idiom: an expression that means something different from the literal meaning EX:turn the tables
Pun: humorous use of words that are similar in sound EX: ask for me tommarow and you shall find me a grave man
oxymoron: a figure of speech in which opposite ideas are combined. EX:bright darkness
Alussion: an indirect referance to a well known person EX: pharoah supporting slavery
anaglogy: comparison that shows similarities EX:romeo comparing juliet to the sun
Paradox: situation or statement that appears to be impossible EX: bright darkness
similie: comparing something using like or as EX:she is as preety as the stars
Metaphor: figure of speech that compares not using like or as EX:hperbole
onomonopeia: sounds EX: buzzzz
flashback: an interuption in the chronological order of a narrative to describe an event that happend earlier
personofication: when you give inanimate objects human like features EX: the stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky
foreshadowing: to show something is going to happen beforehand EX: it can be seen through prediction by the character
repition: repeationg consonance
paraphrasing: restating or rewording
blank verse: unrhymed verse
sonnet: a poem of 14 lines using any number of formal rhyme schemes
meter: regular pattern of stressed and nonstressed syllabols EX: (') stressed (`) unstressed
comma rules: use a comma to seperate contrasting sentences
Pronoun Agreement: a word used to stand for a noun
infinitives: Phrases that can function as nouns
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