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Anatomy word roots

prefixes suffixes and combining forms

a- without: avascular
ab from: abduct
acr extremity; acromegly
ad to, toward; adduct
adn,-adeno gland: adenoid
adip fat
aer air
af toward
al pertaining to
alb white
alb white
algia pain
allo other
ana up, back
andro mal
aio vessel
ante before
anti, ant against
apo from
arachn spider
arter artery
artho joint
asis, asia state
astro star
atel imperfect
aur ear
auto self
baro pressure
bi two
bio life
blast precursor
brachi arm
brachy short
brady slow
bronch windpipe
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cele tumor, hernia, or swelling
centesis puncture
cephal head
cerebr brain
cerebro brain
cervic neck
choe bile
chondrion granule
chondro cartilage
chrom -chromo color
circum around
clast broken
coel, -coel cavity
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