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450 TOEFL inPersian

450 TOEFL in Persian

Abroad pahn,mamalek biganeh,kharej az keshvar; living abroad can be an educational experience.
Abrupt nagahan,bi khabar; there was an abrupt change in the weather.
Accept paziroftan,ghabol kardan,pasandidan; the registrar accepted more applicants than he should have.
Acclaim tahsin,eda kardan,afarin goftan; acclaimed authors often win Pulitzer prizes.
Allot takhsis dadan,moayan kardan; the actual time allotted to complete the test is two hours.
Adverse mozer ,mokhalef,robero; adverse weather conditions made it difficult to play the game.
Indecision bi tasmimi,2 deli,tardid; his indecision adversely affected his job performance.
Advisable maghron be salah; it is not advisable to stay up late the night before a test.
Autonomous daray hokomat mostaghel,khod garden; Mexico became an autonomous state in 1817.
Disapprove napasand shemordan,rad kardan; their disapproval of the plan caused the experiment to be abandoned.
Disruptive dar ham gosikhte; frequent questions during lectures can be disruptive.
Haphazard etefaghi,bar hasb tasadof; it was obvious that the house was built haphazardly.
Ideal arman,arezoo,ide al;the beach is an ideal place to relax.
Persistent moser,semej,mozmen,modavem; the attorney’s persistent questioning weakened the witness.
Wide pahn,vasi,namahdood; the senator has traveled widely.
Advancement pishraft,taraghi; his advancement to captain came unexpectedly.
Advantageous sodmand, ba sarfe; he was advantageously born into a rich family.
Advent zohor va vrod; the newspapers announced the advent of the concert season.
Agile chabok,zerang,ferz; deer are very agile animals.
Albeit agar che; albeit difficult at times, speaking another language is rewarding.
Excel bartari dashtan bar, behtar bodan az; Bahareh’s natural agility will allow her to excel in sports.
Appealing jazab va khosh ayand; working abroad is appealing to many people.
Celebrated acclaimed; san Francisco is celebrated for its multicultural makeup.
Contemporary moasr,hamzaman; Cervantes was a contemporary of Shakespeare.
Distribution tozi,pakhsh; the distribution of seeds is very quick with this new machine.
Encouragement tashvigh,del garmi; his teacher gave him the encouragement that he needed to learn the material.
Frail nazok,sost,shekanande; the frail wings of the newborn bird could not lift it off the ground.
Frailty sosti, zafe akhlaghi; laziness is frailty of human beings.
Refine tasfie kardan,tashih kardan; factories must to refine oil before it can be used as fuel.
Worthwhile arzande,arzesh dar; it’s worthwhile to prepare for the TOFEL.
Alter taghir dadan,avaz kardan,degargon kardan; Bahareh hasn’t altered her plans.
Thoroughly az aval ta akhar, kamel,tamam; scientists must analyze problems thoroughly.
Confirm taid kardan,tasdigh kardan; analysis of the substance confirms the presence of nitrogen.
Archaeologist bastan shenas; archaeologists analyze ancient civilizations.
Anticipate pishbini kardan,entezar dashtan; no one can anticipate the results of the games.
Conform vefgh dadan, peyravi kardan; you must conform to the rules or leave the club.
Detective karagah; they are the best detectives on the police force.
Enrichment ghani sazi,Ghana; the discovery of oil was an enrichment for the country.
Intensify sakht kardan, shaded shodan; the importance of the test will sometimes intensify the nervousness.
Intolerable tahamol napazir, gheir ghabel tahamol,sakht; any opposition to the rules is intolerable.
Tardiness dir kard,dir amadan; his boss was intolerant of his tardiness.
Ongoing dar hal pishraft,modavem; maintaining roads is an ongoing job.
Propose pishnehad kardan,pishnehad ezdevaj; the governor is going to propose new taxes.
Proposal pishnehad,tarh; her proposal was well accepted.
Vitality ghodrathayati,energy va zende deli; his intense vitality was easily observable.
Ambiguous mobham,2pahlo,tarik; the men received an ambiguous message from their boss.
Apparently zaheran; no one apparently knew to solve the problem.
Arbitrarily del khahane,mostabedane, be tor gharar dadi; the teacher arbitrarily decided to give the class a test.
Assertive modai,ezhar konnande; the company president is an assertive individual.
Astound gij,mothayer,mabhot kardan; the fans were astounded by their team’s success.
Astute zirak,dana,daghig; he was an astute worker , finishing in half the time it took the others to finish.
Authorize ejaze dadan, tasvib kardan, ekhtiar dadan; only authorized employees are allowed in the laboratory.
Dean rais daneshkade; the dean has the authority to resolve academic problem of students.
Deceptive faribande,gool zanandel; the magicians deceptively made the rabbit disappear.
Deceive fariftan, gool zadan; Richard deceived Joe about the cost of the coat.
Elicit biron keshidan, estekhraj kardan, estenbat kardan; a lawyer will elicit all the facts necessary to prove her case.
Petition dad khast, tazalom; the student’s petition was denied.
Relinquishment enseraf; the relinquishment of his claim to the building will allow the building to be sold.
Resilient ertejai; she has a resilient personality and will soon feel better.
Tempt eghva kardan,fariftan,vasvase kardan; the idea of getting rich quickly tempted him to invest his life savings.
Invest mansob kardan,sarmaye gozari kardan; ; the idea of getting rich quickly tempted him to invest his life savings.
Amaze mothayer sakhtan,sardar gom,mothayer; I was amazed that I received an A on the calculus test.
Baffle gij ya gomrah kardan; the causes of many harmful diseases have baffled doctors for centuries.
Baffling gij, dast pache ; that was a baffling question.
Bear khers,zaidan,mive dadan; this orchard bears many fine harvests of apples.
Harvest mahsol,natije,dro kardan,kharman; this orchard bears many fine harvests of apples.
Decline kahesh,zaval,napaziroftan; although stock prices declined, losses have been bearable for most investors.
Bearable tahamol pazir,ba davam; although stock prices declined, losses have been bearable for most investors.
Investor sarmaye gozar; although stock prices declined, losses have been bearable for most investors.
Flood seyl,toghyan kardan; the streets were flooded due to a blockage in the pipes.
Due to be elat e; the streets were flooded due to a blockage in the pipes.
Blur mahv kardan,namoshakhas be nazar amadan; the rain blurred everyone’s view of the valley.
Brilliant brelian,ba estedad,zirak; Einstein was a brilliant thinker.
Caution ekhtar kardan be,ehtiat, hosyar kardan; the office cautioned the motorist to slow down.
Cautious hoshyar,mohtat,movazeb; they entered into the negations cautiously.
Participant sherkat konande,hamrah,sharik; finishing the 26-mile race was a challenge for most of the participants.
Delicate hasas,zarif,nazok va latif; you must handle the antique delicately.
Controversial setize gar; because of its controversial nature, it was a challenge to discuss such a delicate issue.
Enhance bala bordan,afzodan; passing the exam should enhance your chances of being admitted to college.
Admit paziroftan; passing the exam should enhance your chances of being admitted to college.
Productivity soodmandi, barvari; the computer enhanced our productivity.
Intrigue dasise kardan,fariftan,tote chidan; he was intrigued by the acclaim flat he received.
Critic naghad,karshenas,khebre,naghd gar; they couldn’t persuade critics to see their point of view.
Intriguing dasise ; the intriguing question baffled historians.
Persuasive motaghaed konnande,vadar konnande; john presented a persuasive argument for his salary increase.
Employee karmand, kargar; the new employee was the replacement for Mr. rostam who retired last month.
Shed rikhtan,post andakhtan; in order to grow, crabs must shed their shells.
Experiment azmayesh,azmayesh kardan; the experiments shed no new information on the cause of the disease.
Chiefly makhsosan,be tor omde; houses are made chiefly of wood products.
Corn zorat,ghale; corn is the chief crop of the Midwest.
Coarse zebr, khashen,bi adab; sandpaper is an extremely coarse material.
Coarseness zebra,2roshti; wool clothing has certain coarseness in texture.
Commonplace pish pa oftade,mamoli; soon it will be commonplace to see the person to whom you are talking on the phone.
Comparative tatbighi; it was comparatively easy for him to learn baseball because he had been a cricket player.
Comprehension daryaft,ghove edrak; the universe has a complexity beyond comprehension.
Convention orf,anjoman; to become integrated into a society ,you must learn the conventions of that society.
Exceedingly be had ziad; in tropical zones, it is exceedingly hot and humid.
Exclusive enhesary tanha,dar bast; this room is used exclusively by the faculty.
Exclude mahroom kardan,rah nadadan; they excluded everyone under age 10 from the contest.
Immense bi andaze,pahnavar,ali; from the mountaintop you can see the immense valley.
Indeed be rasti,haghighatan,vaghan; it is hot indeed.
Infirmary darman gah; did he indeed go to the infirmary?
Adhere chasbidan,vafadar Mandan,tarafdar bodan; he adhered rigidly to his opinion about marriage.
Mature kamel, balegh,roshd kardan; bahareh is sufficiently mature to make her own decisions.
Evaluation sanjesh,arzyabi; Bahareh was visibly upset about his performance evaluation.
Clarify roshan kardan,tozih dadan; chapter 2 in the textbook clarifies the process of osmosis.
Clarification roshani,vozoh; a clarification of the government’s position on this matter is necessary.
Conceal nahoftan, penhan kardan; Bahareh concealed her feeling about the course.
Evidence shahadat dadan, madrak; his concealment of the evidence made his case more difficult to prove.
Convenient rahat,monaseb,rah dast; the student union is convenient to the physical science building.
Convenience rahati, asodegi; for the convenience of the student body, the library is located in a central location.
Curriculum barname amozeshi; the core of the curriculum consists of courses that are required of all students.
Loyal ba vafa,vazife shenas; they are loyal to the core.
Critical bohrani; it is critical to follow the direction for the experiment exactly as the instructor indicates.
Distort az shekl tabie andakhtan; time and space are distorted when travelling at the speed of light.
Distortion tahrif, evejaj; distortion of the image from a microscope can be caused by low light.
Diverse gonagon,motaghayer; Freud had many diverse interests in psychology.
Diversity tanavo,gonagoni; the diversity of life forms on earth makes zoology an interesting area of study.
Prosperous kamyab,movafagh; in the early 1900s, San Francisco was a prosperous city.
Prosper kamkar shodan,movafagh shodan,pishraft kardan; Bacteria prosper under the proper conditions.
Purpose manzoor,hadaf,ghasd dashtan; he was authorized to spend the money for business purposes.
Reveal fash kardan,ashkar kardan; the president revealed some of his ideas before he gave his speech.
Conflict nasazegar bodan,kesh makesh,tazad; the reporter made some revelations about the nature of the conflict.
Revelation vahy,elham,fash sazi; the reporter made some revelations about the nature of the conflict.
Scarce kamyab,andak,nodratan; the woman scarcely spoke a word of English.
Ration jire,sahm,jire bandi kardan; due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established.
Scarcity kamyabi; due to a scarcity of water, a rationing plan was established.
Argument estedlal; his argument was theoretically appealing but not realistic.
Accelerate sorat dadan,tond tar shodan; the action of molecules accelerates when they are heated.
Condition shart,vaziat, halat,moghayad kardan; the poor condition of the motor made acceleration difficult.
Crack tarak,shekaf bardashtan,tragh; the wall cracked due to poor construction.
Numerous kasir,ziad,por jamiat; Bahareh created numerous inventions.
Extremely be shedat,ba efrat; Edison was an extremely creative scientist.
Creep khazidan,mor mor shodan; some mistakes are beginning to creep into his work.
Variety noe,jor va jor,gona goni; lvy is a creeping variety of plant.
Crush feshordan,chelandan, khord shodan; the machine crushes corn to produce corn meal.
Passage obor,rahro,tasvib,rooydad; passage of the legislation was a crushing blow to the president’s program.
Legislation ghanoon, vaz ghanoon; passage of the legislation was a crushing blow to the president’s program.
Cultivate tarvij karda,kesht kardan; cultivate a working relationship with each other.
Profession shoghl,eghrar; professionals had common interests that allowed to cultivate a relationship.
Diverse gonagon, mokhtalef; the cultivation of diverse crops in pre-Columbian is well documented.
Document madrak,sanad; the cultivation of diverse crops in pre-Columbian is well documented.
Cultivation kesht,zerat,tarvij; the cultivation of diverse crops in pre-Columbian is well documented.
Demand taghaza kardan,niaz,darkhast; the workers were not in a position to dictate demands to management.
Resemble shabahat dashtan, mannand bodan; his boss resembled a dictator.
Distinguish tamiz dadan,tashkis dadan,didan; some people cannot distinguish colors well.
Flaw darz,ayb,kasti,tarak bardashtan,ayb dar kardan; there is a flaw in his theory.
Contract gharar dad,peyman; they noticed that the contract was flawed.
Comparative nesbi,moghyese I; the USA had a comparatively good grain harvest this year.
Grain dane, jo,javane zadan; the USA had a comparatively good grain harvest this year.
Crop mahsol,chidan,hasel dadan; they were able to harvest the crop before the rain.
Mirror ayene,baztab kardan; the strength of economy is mirrored in the standard of living of the people.
Accelerator shetab dahande; the university obtained a new particle accelerator.
Obtainable ghabel hosol,be dast avardani; the painting by whistler was not obtainable.
Particle zare,khorde; particles of dust can destroy electronic instruments.
Origin mansh,mabda,asl; small particles of matter hold the keys to understanding the origin of life.
Settle Mandan, saken kardan,tah neshin kardan; people arriving from the south settled in California.
Agreement sazesh, tavafogh; the lawyers settled their differences and came to an agreement.
Destination maghsad,taghdir; flying is not always the fastest way to transport passengers to destination.
Expense hazine,kharj,fadie; the transportation expenses of products increase their final cost.
Accurate 2rost,daghig; she was able to make accurate observation with the new telescope.
Conduct rafter,edare kardan,hedayat kardan; experiments must be conducted with accuracy.
Currency ravaj,enteshar,pool rayej; the purchase must be paid for in the national currency.
Gain sood,be dast avardan,bahre; the French currency is gaining strength.
Remarkable ghabel tavajoh,ali; The depth of his understanding of math is remarkable.
Dense chegal,ghaliz,kheng; the boating accident was caused by the dense fog.
Harvest mahsol,natije,dro kardan,kharman; the farmers depend on rain to produce a good harvest.
Dependency talogh,vabastegi(keshvar); his dependency on alcohol destroyed his marriage.
Dim tar,mobham,tire kardan; the light was too dim for studying.
Unfortunate badbakht,maye tasof; the candidate’s display of anger was unfortunate.
Export saderat,sader kardan; exported goods are usually high in quality.
Imports varedat; until recently the United State’s exports exceeded its imports.
Gigantic gool peykar; reaching the moon was a gigantic step in space exploration for mankind.
Exploration ekteshaf,shenasai; reaching the moon was a gigantic step in space exploration for mankind.
Offer taghdim ,pishnehad kardan,arze; new method of farming offer gigantic advantages over the old methods.
Impressive moaser,gira,bar angizande ehsasat; Lincoln’s power of persuasion was impressive.
Impression asar,khial,khatre,ehsas; everyone left with a good impression of the play.
Inaugural sokhanrani eftetahi; Kennedy left a lasting impression on the people who heard his inaugural address.
Lasting sabet,ba davam,paya; the introduction of robots will have a lasting effect on industry.
Treasury ganj,khazane dari; the treasury was under pressure to lower interest rates.
Encyclopedia dayrato al maaref; encyclopedias are a treasury of information.
Uniformly bettor 1san,bettor 1navakht; the grades on the test were uniformly poor.
Vibrant larzan,dar hal jonbesh,por taravat; his vibrant personality made him well liked by everyone.
Individual fard,motalegh be fard; the vibrancy of the city is attractive to many individual.
Aroma bo,rayeh; there was a distinct aroma of coffee in the restaurant.
Distinctly tamiz,fargh,bartari,tashkhis; the 2 theories are distinctly different from each other.
Dominate chire shodan,tasalot dashtan,hokmfarma bodan; the skyscraper dominated the skyline.
Skyscraper boland,aseman kharash; the skyscraper dominated the skyline.
Dormant khabide,dar hal komon; the volcano had been dormant for 100 of years before the eruption.
Volcano atashfeshan; the volcano had been dormant for 100 of years before the eruption last month.
Eruption enfejar,joosh,favaran; the volcano had been dormant for 100 of years before the eruption.
Senior bozorgtar,arshad,ghadimi; the seniors live in the new dormitory.
Drab fahesh, kesel konnande,khakestari; their clothing was quite drab.
Hurricane toofan,ejtema; the hurricane dramatically changed the coastline.
Coastline khat saheli; the hurricane dramatically changed the coastline.
Elaboration pichidegi,joziat; his elaboration of the issue was quite thorough.
Thorough kamel,tamam; his elaboration of the issue was quite thorough.
Elaborate ostadane 2rost shode,daraye joziat; an elaborate headdress .
Indicate neshan dadan,eshare kardan; an elaborate headdress indicated rank within the Aztec community.
Exceptional estesnaii; the orchestra’s performance was exceptional.
Handling lams,residegi; handling flammable liquids is hazardous.
Hazard khatar,ghomar,mokhtere; there are many hazards involved with starting a business.
Minuscule koochak,jozii,harf kochak; the sale of the building had a minuscule effect on the profits.
Corporation sherkat,bongah; the sale of the building had a minuscule effect on the profits of the corporation.
Minute daghge, riz,jozii; some leaves are covered with minute hairs.
Prime aval,talim dadan,amade kardan,bahar javani; the director primed the actor before the performance.
Pass away mordan,dargozashtan; Mozart passed away in the prime of his life.
Rudimentary naghes,avalie,abtedaii; he has a rudimentary knowledge of computers.
Rudiments moghadamat; the rudiments of grammar are taught in all English classes.
Sensitivity hasasit,mizan hasasiat; film varies according to its sensitivity to light.
Sensitive hasa,nofoz pazir; this equipment is very sensitive to changes in temperature.
Superficial zaheri,sathi,sar sari; the inspector determined that the crack in the bridge was only superficial.
Inspector bazras; the inspector determined that the crack in the bridge was only superficial.
Terrify vahshat zade kardan; to be in a violent storm is a terrifying experience.
Vigor zoor,niroo,ghodrat; he approached his work with vigor.
Vigorous ghavi,shadis,porzor; his vigorous defense of the tissue impressed everyone.
Amenity sazegari,molaymat,matbo; one expects many amenities at a 5-star hotel.
Conveniences tashilat; she had all the amenities and conveniences of home when she went camping.
Destruction kharabi,tabahi,takhrib; the destruction of the old landmark was opposed by citizens.
Oppose mokhalefat kardan,dar oftadan; the destruction of the old landmark was opposed by citizens.
Landmark neshan ekhtesasi,rahnama; the destruction of the old landmark was opposed by citizens.
Disperse parakande kardan,motafaregh; the high winds and rain dispersed the crowed.
Clutter darham barhami,seday nahanjar; after the hurricane, dispersed belongings cluttered the street.
Dwelling maskan; cave-like dwellings have been discovered throughout the world.
Throughout sarasar,tamaman,bekoli; cave-like dwellings have been discovered throughout the world.
Adjust tanzim kardan, vefgh dadan,saazegar kardan; city dwellers often have trouble adjusting to life.
Element onsor,asas,mohit tabii; city dwellers are out of their element in the country.
Perseverance poshtkar,esrar,esteghamat; hard work and perseverance are the basic elements of success.
Enroll sabtenam kardan; you must take elementary math before you can enroll in the advanced course.
Eliminate hazf kardan,bartaraf kardan; mistakes must be eliminated before you hand in a term paper.
Elimination raf,hazf; the elimination of the runner from the race was decided by the judge.
Emphasize ahamit dadan,ba ghovat talafoz kardan; B emphasized certain aspects of the historical period.
Emphatic takid shode, ba ghovat talafoz shode; Bahareh answered with an emphatic “yes”.
Encircle door greftan,halghe zadan; the encircled celebrity actually became afraid of her fans.
Erratic gheir ghabel pishbini,namonazam; the unstable chemical reacted erratically.
Mediocre motavaset; the paintings have an erratic qualify, some being excellent, and others mediocre.
Exaggerate mobaleghe kardan; the federal government exaggerated the success of its programs.
Exaggeration eghragh; to say that his business is successful would be an exaggeration.
Pier soton,eskle; the submarine arrived at the pier on time.
Unload takhlie kardan,bar khali kardan; the goods were unloaded onto the pier.
Prevalent rayej,marsom; comfortable trade winds are prevalent in the Caribbean islands.
Prevalence shio,pakhsh; there is a prevalence of disease where poor sanitation conditions exist.
Sanitation moraat asol behdasht; there is a prevalence of disease where poor sanitation conditions exist.
Release raha kardan,pakhsh,montasher kardan; a new movie was just released.
Mankind basher; use of solar power will benefit all mankind.
Beneficial soodmand,mofid; it is extremely beneficial to prepare for a test.
Blindly koor korane; he went into the job blindly, with no previous experience.
Broaden pahn kardan,vasi kardan; education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job.
Land residan,khoshki; education will broaden your opportunities to land a good job.
Breadth pahna,arz; the breadth of his knowledge is impressive.
Burgeon shoro be roshd kardan; the burgeoning population of cities is creating a demand for more services.
Talent estedad; his talent as a pianist burgeoned at the age of 5.
Conspicuous angosht nama,ashkar; his name was conspicuously absent from the list of winners.
Aggressive parkhashgar,portakapo; the attorneys were conspicuous for their aggressive manner .
Attorney vakil,vekalat; the attorneys were conspicuous for their aggressive manner in the courtroom.
Endorse emza kardan,posht nevis kardan; the union endorsed the new contract.
Endorsement emza,movafeghat; the president’s endorsement of the project guaranteed its funding.
Wealth mal,vofor,servat; his enormous wealth allows her to contribute to many charities.
Enormously bozorg; a diet with many fruits is enormously beneficial to the body.
Entirely kamelan,kolan; they are entirely right about the economy.
Entirety tamamiat; the president released the speech in its entirety before the conference.
Erode farsaidan,fased kardan; the senator’s support is eroding because of his unpopular position.
Erosion farsayesh,fesad; it took 100 of years of erosion for nature to form the grand canyon.
Evaporate tabkhir shodan,bar bad raftan; the chances of the 2 sides reaching an agreement have evaporated.
Evaporation tabkhir; the evaporation of the funds was unexplainable.
Fund sarmaye,sarmaye gozari kardan; the evaporation of the funds was unexplainable.
Explainable ghabel shrh; the evaporation of the funds was unexplainable.
Representative namayande; the students reportedly sent a representative, but she has not arrived yet.
Confirm taiid kardan,tasdigh; the reported tornado has not been confirmed.
Fault ayb,naghs,gonah,gosal; earthquakes are caused by shifting in layers of earth along faults.
Suffer ranj bordan,tahamol kardan; many families experience the suffering of difficult economic times.
Dignitary shaks bozorg,ali magham; every dignitary in Washington was invited to the wedding.
Summit nok,ghole,oj,daraje; all of the high ranking dignitaries attended the economic summit.
Crucial vakhim,sakht,ghate; favorable weather is crucial to a good harvest.
Crucially extremely necessary; having all the information necessary to make a good decision is crucially important.
Elude ejtenab kardan az,goriz zadan; the criminals has eluded the police for months.
Elusive gorizan,farari,tafre zan; success has been elusive for the team.
Evident badihi,ashkar; it is evident that you are not feeling.
Feeling ehsas,hes; it is evident that you are not feeling.
Evidence shahadat dadan,govah,madrak; all the evidences point to the presence of hydrogen.
Exhaust agzoz,khaste kardan; they exhausted their energy in 10 minutes.
Acclaim tahsin,elam kardan,afarin goftan; the exhaustive report was acclaimed by everyone.
Extend tose dadan,tool dadan,tamdid kardan; Bahareh extended a warm welcome to the new student.
Extensive pahnavar,vasi; the extensive snowfall caused problems throughout the city.
Throughout sarasar,taman; the extensive snowfall caused problems throughout the city.
Extreme binahayat,mofrat,had aksar; Bahareh will go to any extreme to get what she wants.
Extremely to the very end; when the concert was canceled some customers became extremely upset.
Grave ghabr,sakht,tarashidan; the mountain climbers faced grave danger on the cliff.
Face movajeh shodan; he finds it difficult to face his problems.
Facet band,mafsal,shekl; the proposal had many beneficial facets.
Proposal tarh,pishnehad; the proposal had many beneficial facets.
Beneficial soodmand,mofid; the proposal had many beneficial facets.
Entire tamam,2rost,bi eyb; it was a multi faceted problem that challenged the entire student body.
Admirer tahsin konnade,setayande; he is a hero in the eyes of his admirers.
Heroic bibak,ghahremanane; they gave a heroic effort to no avail.
Inaccessible dastyabi napazir; the summit of the mountain was inaccessible.
Inaccessibility estebad,adam dastresi; the dignitary’s inaccessibility frustrated the reporter.
Obviously in a clear; it had obviously rained.
Obvious ashkar,badihi; it was obvious that he had not practiced his oral report.
Prediction pishgoii; the government’s predictions were accurate.
Assignment mashg,vazife; she predictably forgot do her assignment.
Occasion moghe,vahlr,mored; her dress was not suitable for the occasion.
Suit 1dast lebas,monaseb bodan,darkhast; the agreement suits all the members of the negotiating team.
Amply be tor faravan; she was amply paid for the work she completed.
Arid khosk,khali,bi maze; the area known as the Sahara desert is one of the most arid place in the world.
Leeward harekat 1vari,enheraf; the valley on the leeward side of the mountain was extremely arid.
Avoid dori va ejtenab kardan; she could not avoid letting her feelings show.
Demonstrate neshan dadan,tazahorat kardan; the circus performer demonstrated her death-defying routine.
Legislation ghanoon,vaze ghanoon; congress enacted the legislation during its last session.
Even zoj,mosavi,saf,hamvar; the profits were divided evenly among the investors.
Illness bimari; she feigned illness when it was time to visit the dentist.
Fertile barvar,hasel khiz; the delta areas of rivers are known for their fertile soil.
Yield bazde,hasel,mahsol; fertilizers are used on crops to increase yields.
Harvest mahsol,vaght kharman,dro kardan; freshly harvested produce is hard to in the winter months.
Efficient moaser,kara,kar amad; the product’s freshness depends on an efficient transportation system.
Function tabe,vazife, mamoriat; it is the function of the director to organize and lead the department.
Appliance vasile,ekhtera; most appliances cannot function without electricity.
Registration sabt, esm nevisi; he promised fundamental changes in the registration process.
Expert motakhases,maher; he is fundamentally strong in his area of expertise.
Indiscriminate arbitrary; the indiscriminate arrangement of the products made the store confusing.
Plain pahn,dasht,sade; the spacious plains of the Midwest make up the nation’s breadbasket.
Breadbasket sabad nan,nahie hasel khiz; the plains of the Midwest make up the nation’s breadbasket.
Vacuum khala,jaro barghi; a vacuum is an empty space.
Withstand tab avardan,moghavemat kardan; she cannot withstand the pressures of her job.
Durable badavam,paya; it was a durable refrigerator , but it finally broke.
Generate tolid kardan,be vojod avardan; the appearance of the dance troupe generated a lot of excitement.
Halt drang,maks kardan;the supervisor put a halt to the tardiness of the employee.
Handle saro kar dashtan,rafter kardan; they handled themselves very well given the circumstances.
Handling Barresi,lams,edare,residegi; they president’s handling of the crisis was widely applauded.
Harbor langargah,panah dadan; they harbored the political refugee in their home.
Excessive mofrat,bish az andaze; excessive radiation is harmful to the body.
Fabric parche; bleach harms certain fabrics.
Insignificant nachiz; the amount of rainfall this summer has been insignificantly.
Apparent ashkar,zaher; the insignificance of his comment became apparent with the passing of time.
Mysterious marmooz,mobham; he had a mysterious effect on everyone who heard him speak.
Disappearance napadid shodan,namarii shodan; the man’s disappearance was a mystery.
Perilous khatarnak,mokhtre amiz; it is perilous to exceed the speed limit.
Ample pahnavar,faravan,poor; there are ample perils in the sport of mountain climbing.
Lure fariftan,eghva kardan,farib; many nations promote tourism to lure foreign currency.
Promotion taraghi,tarvij,pishraft; the customers responded favorably to the half-price promotion.
Rejection adam paziresh,rad; the rejection of his work was difficult for him to understand.
Smallpox abele; the discovery of a vaccine for smallpox was a substantial medical achievement.
Representative namayande,namayeshgar; she is a conscientious representative of the student body.
Convey resandan,haml kardan,bordan; the manager conveyed displeasure directly to the workers.
Encompass ehate kardan,shamel bodan; the course encompasses all the literature of the nineteenth century.
Expansion bast,enbesat; expansion occurs when matter is heated.
Hurricane tofan,ejtema; the public teas in a heightened state of nervousness as the hurricane approached.
Inadvertent sahv,ghair amdi; his inadvertent calculation caused him to derive wrong answer.
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