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LC3 Hist Summer Test

Fifty questions on the LC3 History course

In what year did Russia lose a war against Japan? 1905
Who was the Tsar in 1917? Nicholas II
What was his surname? Romanov
Who was the leader of the Communist party in 1917? Lenin
What three things did the Communists offer the people? Peace, Bread, Land
Whose side were Russia on in WW1? Britain and France
What was the name of the disease the Tsar’s son had? Haemophilia
Who was the monk who claimed he could heal the Tsar’s son? Rasputin
When did the Tsar decide to take personal charge of the army? 1915
Give one reason why this was a mistake? He had no experience, the people would now blame him for any failure, his wife was left in charge
Who did the Tsar leave in charge? His wife
Give one reason why the soldiers turned against the Tsar? Losing the war, thought Rasputin was running the country, felt the Tsar didn't care about them
What word do we use for a monarch who gives up his/her throne? Abdicate
What was the name of the Russian parliament? Duma
Who was the leader of the provisional government? Kerensky
Give one reason why the Communists decided to kill the Tsar’s family? To prevent the peasants rallying to any remaining Romanovs
What was another name for the communist party? Bolsheviks
What was the huge car company that introduced new methods of production? Ford
What music became popular in the 1920s? Jazz
What drug did the American government ban from 1920-33? Alcohol
Who benefitted from this ban? gangsters
Name one famous gangster? Al Capone
Give one reason why Hollywood was an excellent location for film-making? Warm, within easy reach of different scenery, land was cheap
Name one group of people that did not benefit from the 1920s? Native Americans, black people, farmers
Where was the American stock-market located? Wall Street
In what year did the stock market collapse? 1929
Give a brief explanation for why this happened Share prices were too high so when people realised they all wanted to sell
What was the name of the Treaty at the end of WW1? Treaty of Versailles
Give one reason why this Treaty angered the German people? It blamed Germany for the war, made them pay reparations (fines), reduced the size of their army, took away their land (10%)
What was the name of the International organisation formed after WW1 to preserve peace? League of Nations
What happened to the German economy in 1923? Hyperinflation
When did Hitler come to power in Germany? 1933
What was the name of the political party that Hitler led? Nazi party
What was one of his aims? Destroy the Treaty of Versailles, Rebuild Germany, take land in the East (lebensraum)
What is Anschluss? Union between Austria and Germany
How did Hitler justify invading Czechoslovakia? There were Germans living there
What was the name given to the policy of letting Hitler get what he wanted? Appeasement
What German word meaning ‘living space’ described Hitler’s ambition to take land in the East? lebensraum
Give one reason why Britain and France were willing to allow Hitler to make Germany stronger? To protect against communism, they felt the Treaty of Versailles was unfair, it allowed them to build up their army in case of war
The invasion of which country led Britain to declare war on Germany? Poland
What was the period of bombing of London called? The Blitz
What was the name given to the removal of children from major cities? Evacuation
Name one thing that wasn’t rationed? vegetables
Name one way in which the government controlled information? Censored letters, newspapers and radio
What was the name of the group of people whose job was to protect Britain in the event of invasion? Home Guard
Name three methods the government used to increase morale? Speeches of Churchill, positive news, songs and films
What was the Battle called where the Royal Air Force defeated the Luftwaffe? Battle of Britain
Give one reason why the Royal Air Force were successful in this battle? Radar, over England, Spitfire was more nimble
Why could Dunkirk be described as a disaster for Britain? They lost lots of equipment, they were forced to evacuate from mainland Europe
Why was Dunkirk portrayed as a triumph? Hardly any men were lost
Created by: mrjstacey