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Back Region

Gross I - Back

What are the 'borders' of the back? EOP -to- Natal Cleft AND Posterior axillary folds laterally AND Trapezius mm. superolaterally
The superior nuchal line runs from what to what? EOP laterally to mastoid processes.
The superior nuchal line is the superior attachment for what mm.? Trapezius, SCM, Splenius capitis
What are the two furrows of the back and what are the paravertebral mm. associated with each? Nuchal furrow: b/w Semispinalis mm. AND Posteromedian furrow: b/w Erector Spinae mm.
What are two other names for the butt crack? Intergluteal cleft AND Natal cleft
Why is the Sacral Hiatus important? It's a landmark for anesthesia
What are the 3 fascial layers of the back? Superficial fascia (fat layer), Deep Investing fascia, Thoracolumbar fascia
What is the purpose of Deep Investing fascia? holds muscle together AND provides for movement of muscle over muscle
What are the 3 layers of the Thoracolumbar fascia and what lies b/w them? Posterior lamina: Erector spinae mm.: Middle lamina: Quadratus Lumborum mm.: Anterior lamina
What are the 3 Groups of Back mm. and what are there purposes? Superficial (Extrinsic) Group - MM. of the upper extremity; Intermediate Group - MM. of respiration; Deep (Intrinsic) Group - movers of the vertebra and head
How many layers does the Superficial (Extrinsic) Group have and what muscles are in each layer? 1st layer: Trapezius and Latissimus dorsi; 2nd layer: Rhomboid major and minor and Levator scapulae
Created by: cfierro