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SAT v0c@b

exploit to use for own's own advantage
expound to explain; to interpret
expressly especially; particularly
expunge to erase
expurgate to remove offensive passages; to cleanse
extant still in existence
extirpate to destroy; to remove completely
extol to praise
extort to obtain by force
extradite to give up a prisoner to another authority
extraneous unrelated; not essential
extrapolate to estimate; to infer
extricate to set free; to disentangle
extrinsic external; coming from outside
extrovert an outgoing person
exuberant full of enthusiasm
exude to discharge; to ooze
exult to rejoice
explicate explain in detail; make clear
explicit clear; unambiguous; direct
fabricate to construct; to lie
fabulous incredible; imaginative
facade outward appearance
facet aspect
facetious joking; sarcastic
facile easy; effortless
facilitate to make easy
facsimile an exact copycat; a duplicate
faction a minority within a larger group
factious causing disagreement
factitious artificial
factotum an employee who can do all kinds of work
faculty power; ability; skill
fallacious misleading; deceptive
fallible capable or error
fallow inactive; unproductive
falter to stumble; to hesitate
fanatic a person with uncontrolled enthusiasm
fanciful unreal; imaginative; unpredictable
fanfare noisy or showy display
farcical absurd; ridiculous
fastidious hard to please
fatal causing death
fatalistic believing that all things in life are inevitable
fathom nautical measure of 6 feet in depth; to comprehend
fatuous foolish
fauna animals of a certain area
fawn a young deer; to act slavishly submissive
faze to disturb; to discourage
fealty loyalty; devotion
feasible capable of being accomplished; suitable
feat deed or accomplishment
febrile feverish
fecund fertile; productive
feign to pretend
feint a false show; a pretended blow
feisty quick-tempered or quarrelsome
felicity happiness
feline pertaining to cats
fell to knock down; fierce or cruel
felon a criminal
felonious treacherous; base; villainous
ferment a state of agitation or excitement
ferret a small animal of the weasel family; to search of drive out
fervent eager; earnest
fervid very emotional
fester to rot
festive joyous; merry
fete to honor; to entertain
fetid foul-smelling
fetish object with magical power; object that receives respect of devotion
fetter to confine; to put into chains
fiasco a total disaster
fiat an official order
fickle changeable in affections; unfaithful
fictitious false; not genuine
fidelity faithfulness
figment something imagined
filched to steal
filial like a son or daughter
finale the climax; end
finesse diplomacy; tact
finicky extremely particular; fussy
finite limited; measurable
firebrand one who stirs up a revolution
firmament sky; heavens
fiscal pertaining to finances
fissure opening; groove; split
fitful irregular; occurring in spurts
flabbergasted astonished; made speechless
flaccid flabby
flag a banner; to droop or to slow down
flagellate to whip
flagrant scandalous; shocking
flail to strike freely and wildly
flair a knack; a natural talent
flamboyant showy; conspicuous
flaunt to boast; to show off
flay to strip the skin off; to criticize sharply
fledgling a young inexperienced person
fleece wool of a lamb; to swindle
flexible bendable
Created by: lauren.kim