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Renaissance and Refo

What does Renaissance mean? Rebirth
What are classical cultures? Ancient Greece and Rome
Name 2 things that contributed to the growth of towns. Money based economy and people moving to towns to buy and sell good.
Who benefited from a money based economy? Merchants and bankers
What did the rich do with their money? They where patrons of the arts
What were the Italian City States? Ruled by rich families, but where supposed to be republics.
What did humanists believe? Humans can achieve great things and life isn't just about God anymore. Questioned the divine right of kings.
Who ruled Florence? Medici Family
What was Florence? Art center of the Renaissance
Who built the dome on the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore? Filippo Brunelleschi
What are 3 main attributes of Brunelleschi's dome? A lantern at the top, and inner and outer dome, and arches leaning against each other.
Name two famous Renaissance scientists. Leonardo daVinci and Galileo Galilei.
How did science change from the Dark Ages? Scientists began making their own discoveries and stopped relying on the discoveries of others.
Name 3 defining features of Classical Art Sculpture is marble or bronze, faces have no emotion and their limbs suggest motion.
Name 3 defining features of Medieval Art The central figure is bigger, there is no perspective, and they used bright colors.
Name 3 defining features of Renaissance Art The people are nude or clothed, their faces are expressive, and there is perspective.
What did patrons support? Art
What was painting influenced by? Humanism
What was a new material that was used for painting? Oil paints
What was something new about sculpture? It was free-standing
Who made statues of "David?" Michelangelo and Donatello
Name 3 advances in Literature It was more secular, it was written in the vernacular, and it involved more emotions.
Who wrote "The Divine Comedy?" Dante Alighieri
Why was "The Divine Comedy" different from other books? It was comedic and it was written in Italian.
Created by: Danji