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Garde Manger

Desserts test

Granite French, similar to sorbet but stirred frequently not churned.
Granita Italian version of Granite.
Ice cream USDA: must contain 10% milkfat and 20% milk solids.
Two types of ice cream? Philadelphia cream cheese or Custard (Bombe)
Sherbet Fruit juice, sugar and water. May contain milk, cream, or egg whites.
Sorbet Fruit juice, zest, vodka, and sugar. Cleanses the palate. Acid is the most important ingredient.
Spumoni Fruit cake of ice cream.
Semifreddo Frozen mousse. Air makes it half frozen.
Baked Alaska Ice cream cake layered with meringue.
Crepes Suzette Orange compound butter crepes, flambeed.
Souffle To jump (rises). Custard, thickened with eggs. Marquise, frozen mousse like dessert usually chocolate.
Difference in flan and creme brulee? Flan is inverted and creme brulee has sugar burnt on top.
Zabaglione Foamy custard with egg yolk, sugar, and sherry/wine. Dessert custard sauce.
Parfait Layered ice cream dessert traditionally, with pudding.
English Trifle Layered cake with whipped cream or pastry cream.
Chantilly cream Sugar and vanilla whipped cream.
Bavarian cream Custard sauce thickened with gelatin whipped cream folded in. Turned out from mold.
Charlotte Russe Lady fingers and Bavarian cream.
Charlotte Royal Jelly rolls and Bavarian cream.
Bombe Two or more flavors of ice cream, separate layers in a spherical mold.
Melba sauce Raspberry coulis.
Tuile Lace cookie for garnish in desserts.
Bonus: Explain making a souffle (ingredients, Mixing procedures, and serving essentials) Eggs, milk, butter, flour, cheese, cream of tarter. Folding carefully is essential to a souffle. Serve immediately, when it cools, it will collapse.
Created by: kford9790