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European History

What settlements were made by the Congress of Vienna? Belgium and Luxemburg were added to Holland, to form the Netherlands. Prussia gained lands along the Rhine River. Austria reasserted control over northern Italy.
A statement by the US government in 1819 telling the Concert of Europe to stay out of the hemisphere. Monroe Doctrine
Any English place that had very few voters yet was represented in Parliament. rotten borough
Voted in by Parliament. Does what they tell them to do. Prime Minister
Extreme pride in one's country, no matter what. Nationalism
What wars figured prominently in creating Germany? Franco-Prussian War, Danish War, Seven Weeks War
Conflict between Germany (Bismarck) and the Catholic Church. kulturkampf
Who created Young Italy? Mazzini
Who created Risorgamento? Garibaldi
A wealthy person creates a company to gain a profit. Capitalism
Who wrote Wealth of Nations? Adam Smith
Opposes any government intervention in business affairs. Laissez-faire
What stopped trade routes between India? German East Africa
Opponents in the Opium War? Britain and China
What did Britain receive as a result of the Opium War? Hong Kong
The real names of the "Boxers" Society of Righteous Harmonious Fists
Showed the British that the Indians were willing to fight. Sepoy Rebellion
What nation fought to control the Balkan Peninsula after WWI? Ottoman Empire
He fought for the creation of the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson
What nations were created at the Versailles Conference? Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
USA policy to keep to ourselves after WWI. isolationism
Where is the Sudetenland? Czechoslovakia
What was important in the Sudetenland? Skoda Works
Gave Hitler the Sudetenland. The Appeasement of Hitler/Munich Conference
The pact that says Germany can't fight with Russia. Nonagression Pact of 1939
Why did Hitler want the Ukraine area of Russia? Lebensbraum
Who believed population's rise would be the end to WWI? Malthus
What caused the Russian Revolution of 1917? War with Germany.
Who wrote The Prince? Machiavelli
What sparked the Thirty Years War? Defenstration of Prague
What situation caused the October Manifesto? Bloody Sunday
What nations were created by the Boer War? Orange Free States
What were the Axis nations? Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria
"Peace in our time." Neville Chamberlain
What event sparked WWII? Germany's invasion of Poland.
Who created Social Darwinism? Herbert Spencer
What product sparked the Industrial Revolution? Textile Mills
Who created The Iron Law of Wages? David Ricardo
Who replaced Charles X as monarch? Louis Philippe
Last areas to be added to Italy? Venetia and Rome
Where was the armistice of WWI? Palace of Versailles
Policy based on realism rather than ideas. realpolitik
Councils of workers and soldiers. Soviet
What caused France to declare the Franco-Prussian War? Ems Dispatch
Atomic bomb project is called..? Manhattan Project
What sparked WWI? The assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
Who was the "citizen king"? Louis Philippe
Who emancipated the Russian serfs? Alexander II
He was falsely accused of providing military secrets to the Germans. Captain Dreyfus
French developer of the Suez Canal. Ferdinand D-Lesseps
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