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med term CH 1-4

posterior toward the back
anterior toward the front
inferior downward
superior upward
lateral side
medial middle
contralateral opposite side
ipsilateral same side
deep damage more then one layer of skin down
superficial damage less then one skin layer
distal far
proximal near
prone lying on belly
supine lying on back
pronate facing palm downward
supinate facing palm upward
plantar sole of foot
palmar palm
sinistrad left
dextrad right
efferent away from
afferent toward
drugs that are applied directly on the skin topical
healthcare term for athlete's foot tinea pedis
cryo- extreme cold
healthcare term for "black and blue" extravasation of blood into subcutaneous tissue as a result of trauma ecchymosis
scapul/o shoulder blade
blephar/o eyelids
coccyg/o tailbone
viscer/o organ
ventr/o belly
super/o above
poster/o behind
later/0 side
infer/o below
hist/o tissue
-ad towards
ipsi- same
dia- through, complete
endo-, end- within
inter- between
syn- together
-centesis removal of fluid
-desis binding
-listhesis slipping
-physis growth
-plasia development
-poiesis formation
chondro/0 cartilage
myel/o bone marrow
spondyl/o vertebra
-stenosis narrowing
route of administration in which drugs are injected within the skin intradermal
olecran/o elbow
supinate turn the palm upward
palmar palm of the hand
anterior front side
ID intradermal
stern/o breastbone
myc/o fungus
-tis inflammation
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