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swh wordsmart 1.47

Sacrilege 신성모독 a violation of something sacred
Sacrosanct 신성한, 신성불가침의 sacred, held to be inviolable
Sagacious 총명한, 빈틈없는 discerning, shrewd
Salient 뚜렷한, 두드러진 sticking out, conspicuous
Salutary 건강에 좋은, 치료하는 healthful, remedial
Sanctimonious 독실한 신자인 척하는 pretending to be devout
Sanguine 쾌활한, 낙천적인 cheerful, optimistic
Sardonic 조롱하는, 경멸하는 mocking, scornful
Scintillate 번뜩이다, 재치가 번뜩이다 to sparkle, either literally or figuratively
Scrupulous 엄격한, 주의깊은 strict, careful
Secular 세속적인 have nothing to do with religion or spiritual concerns
Sedition 반역, 사회적 무질서나 폭동을 선동하는 것 treason, the incitement of public disorder or rebellion
Sentient 감각을 통해 인지할 수 있는 able to perceive by the senses
Created by: Sungwon
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