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Anatomy Final Exam!

Anatomy & Physiology

What means near the surface? Superficial
What is anything that has mass and takes up space? Matter
What contains the rectum & urinary bladder? Pelvic Cavity
what is the study of blood and blood diseases? Hematology
What is the substance that ionizes in water to release hydrogen ions? Acid
What is the number of protons in the atoms of a particular element? Atomic Weight
What shows how atoms are joined & arranged in molecules? Structural Formula
What is it called when smaller molecules form larger ones? Synthesis Reaction
What contains the life code or blueprint for life? DNA
What is the smallest particle of an element? Atom
What type of bond is formed when electrons are gained or lost? Ionic Bond
What contains enzymes responsible for aerobic respiration? Mitochondria
What is the movement of particles from a region of higher to lower concentration? Diffusion
What is the process by which a cell engulfs & digests solid substances? Phagocytosis
What is it called when a cell gains water? Hypotonic Solution
What is the phase of mitosis where spindle fibers pull chromosomes to opposite ends of the cell? Anaphase
What allows production of many kinds of cells with special functions? Cell Differentiation
What contains digestive enzymes? Lysosomes
What is the portion of the DNA molecule containing genetic info for making one kind of protein called? Gene
What is DNA information that is copied into the structure of mRNA? Transcription
What is the buildup of larger molecules from smaller ones? Anabolic Metabolism
What supplies amino acids to produce proteins? rRNA
What is Adipose Tissue? Fat
What is the addition of protein to skin cells causeing cells to harden and die? Keratinization
Where is simple squamous found? Air Sacs, Capillaries
Is cardiac muscle Voluntary or Involuntary? Involuntary
What are bone cells called? Osteocytes
What forms pads (disks) between vertebrae? Fibrocartilage
What connects bones to bones? Ligaments
What can be decomposed into amino acids? Proteins
Does Anaerobic Respiration require oxygen? NO
What is the glands in the armpits & groin which responds to emotional stress? Apocrine Glands
what is the oily secretion that helps keep the hair & skin soft? Sebum
What is the condition of bluish skin? Cyanosis
What is a liquid filled sac or capsule? Cyst
What is the itching of the skin? Pruritis
What is the fleshy skin tumor that is usually pigmented called? Mole
What is the disease of the sebaceous glands accompanied by blackheads and pimples called? Acne
What is the expanded portion @ the end of the bone? Epiphysis
What type of joint is found in the elbow and the knee? Hinge Joint
What is the shaft of a bone called? Diaphysis
What procedure is used to examine the interior of a joint using a tubular instrument? Arthroscopy
What joint gives a sliding or twisting motion? Gliding Joint
what type of muscle is found in the irises of eyes & walls of blood vessels? Multiunit Smooth Muscle
What is it called when a muscle fiber contracts; It contracts completely? all-or-none response
What is it called when a muscle assists a prime mover? Synergist
What is the partial contraction of a muscle at rest called? Muscle Tone
What stimulates muscle fibers to contract? Motor Neurons
What is accumulated in a fatigued muscle? Lactic Acid
What is the series of involuntary contractions of various voluntary muscles? Convulsions
What is the moveable end of a skeletal muscle called? Insertion
What decomposes cholinesterase? Acetylcholine
What consists of cranial and spinal nerves? Peripheral Nervous System
What responds to stressful & emergency conditions? Sympathetic Division
What are neurons which carry impulses from peripheral body parts into the brain & spinal cord? Sensory Neurons
What transmits all ascending & descending impulses & contains several reflex centers? Medulla Oblongata
what contains the cerebrospinal fluids? Arachnoid Membrane
What is the largest sections of the brain consisting of two hemispheres? Cerebrum
What contains reflex centers associated w/ eye & head movement? Midbrain
What can help maintain homeostasis? Reflexes
What is the colored portion of the eye? Iris
What are the color receptors in the retina called? Cones
What is the process by which the brain causes a sensation to seem to come from the region of the body being stimulated? Projection
What is the part of the eyes which focuses light? Lens
What are the light receptors responsible for colorless vision? Rods
What connects the middle ear to the throat & helps maintain equal air pressure? Auditory Tubes
what is the waterfluid which helps to nourish the cornea & lens? Aqueous Humor
What is the transparent portion of the eye which refracts light entering the eye? Cornea
What is the feeling that occurs when sensory impulses are iterrupted by the brain? Sensation
What is the layer of the alimentary canal which secretes fluid to lubricate the abdominal cavity so organs move freely? Serosa
What are wavelike muscular contractions which move food along the alimentary canal? Peristalsis
What is the semifluid paste of food particles? Chyme
What are the thick folds in the stomach lining which increase size of stomach? Rugae
What is the membrane that supports the small intestine? Mesentery
what is the fingerlike projections in the wall of the small intestine for absorption? Villi
What is undigested food material stored in the rectum called? Feces
What is the layer of the alimentary canal containing blood vessels which nourish surrounding tissues. Submucosa
What is the substance produced by the liver which emuslifies fat? Bile
What is the hormone which stimulates the secretion of pancreatic juice? Secretin
What is the process by which gases are exchanged between the atmosphere & body cells? Respiration
What is the space in the bones of the skull that open into the nasal cavity? Sinuses
What are the airsacs where exchange of gases occur? Alveoli
What are the branches of bronchial tubes containing microscopic air sacs? Bronchioles
What is the iron containing compound that combines easily w/ oxygen? Hemoglobin
What is the stoppage of bleeding? Hemostasis
What forms mesh-like threads to trap blood cells? Fibrin
What is a clot or clot fragment that has moved in a vessel? Embolus
What is composed of leukocytes & damaged body cells? Pus
What is a blood clot in a vessel called? Thrombus
What are platelets called? Thrombocytes
What are red blood cells called? Erythrocytes
What is the liquid portion of blood? Plasma
What are white blood cells called? Leukocytes
What produces red blood cells? Red Marrow
What is the pacemaker of the heart? S-A Node
What is circulation that carries blood from the heart to body cells & organs? Systemic
What force is exerted by the blood against the inside of blood vessels? Blood Pressure
What is the alternate expanding & recoiling of the arterial wall? Pulse
What provides normal conduction between the atria & ventricles? A-V Nodes
what are the receptors for sensation of light touch called? Meissner's Corpuscles
Created by: nunielister