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Planning People

Rexford Tugwell Resettlement Administration head.worked on greenbelt cities program,construction of new self-sufficient cities.closely involved in the development of Arthurdale,WV Resettlement Administration community.NY City Planning Commissioner governor of Puerto Rico
Sir Raymond Unwin was an English town planner and designer of Letchworth. He later lectured at the University of Birmingham in England and Columbia University.
Catherine Bauer Wurster founder of American housing policy. worked to reform policy related to housing and city planning.served as executive secretary of the Regional Planning Association of America.wrote Modern Housing. Influential in the passage of the Housing Act of 1937.
John Norquist Author, mayor, and head of the Congress for New Urbanism
Confluence Greenway Partnership A group working to reconnect St Louis to the river, including nonprofit agencies, who won the current topic award from APA in 2002
Aaron Wildavsky They said: ʺa budget...may be characterized as a series of goals with price tags attachedʺ
John Norquist wrote ʺThe Wealth of Citiesʺ
James Rouse designed Colombia, MD
Jacob Riis wrote ʺHow the Other Half Livesʺ
Patrick Geddes Who was the pioneer of the live/work/play concept?
Sherry Arnstein wrote the ʺLadder of Citizen Participationʺ
Frederick Olmsted, Jr. designed Forest Hills Gardens & was the 1st president of American City Planning Institute
Herbert Hoover involved in creating the Zoning Enabling Act
Robert Weaver HUD's first secretary
Charles Lindblom wrote ʺThe Intelligence of Demoracyʺ
Olmsted & Vaux designed Riverside, IL
Stein & Wright planned Radburn, NJ & Sunnyside Gardens
Harland Bartholomew the first full-time planner hired by a city
Catherine Bauer Wurster wrote 1934's ʺModern Housingʺ
Saul Alinsky involved with an organizational approach that has invitations sent out by the neighborhood and a paid organizer is then sent to the neighborhood
Robert Moses the leading person on city planning in the 1920s and the ʺgreat expediterʺ
George Pullman created a model town for his company and employees near Chicago
Sir Ebenezer Howard wrote ʺTomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Reformʺ
Daniel Burnham said, ʺMake no little plans...ʺ
Thomas Adams prepared ʺThe Regional Survey of New Yorkʺ
Frank Lloyd Wright wrote: Broadmore City - A New Community Plan in 1935
Edward Bassett considered the ʺfather of zoningʺ
Harland Bartholomew created Comp Plan for St Louis, was the first full-time planner hired by a city, and was the chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission
Charles Lindblom wrote the ʺIntelligence of Democracyʺ
Patrick Geddes the father of regional planning
James Rouse pioneered indoor shopping malls
Walter Christaller Central Place Theory is attributed to:
Olmsted & Vaux Designed Central Park
James Oglethorpe the founding father of Savannah, GA
John Logan & Harvey Molotch "Growth Machine" authors
Harland Bartholomew He was the country's first full-time planning consultant.
Alfred White Completed "home buildings" for poor immigrants & inaugurates - a model tenement movement.
Olmsted & Vaux planned Riverside, IL, a rural suburban development
Henry Clay "American System" to allocate federal funds to combine tariffs with infrastructure improvements
Paul Davidoff developed the concept of ʺadvocacy planningʺ and founded the Suburban Action Institute
Kevin Lynch wrote ʺImage of the Cityʺ
William Whyte involved in the Street Life Project and assisted in drafting the 1969 NYC Comp Plan
William Levitt changed the face of suburbs in America by producing 2 bedroom houses quickly & cheaply
Catherine Bauer was a public housing activist, involved with Lewis Mumford, & co-authored Housing Act
Lewis Mumford was instrumental in forming the Regional Planning Association of America and wrote many books on the history of cities
Robert Moses was the master builder of 20th Century NYC, the most powerful in local government from the '30s to '50s, and ʺruinedʺ the South Bronx
Le Corbusier was responsible for the Modernist movement, and furthered significant plans for post-war development
Clarence Stein helped plan San Diego's World Fair and collaborated with Wright on Radburn, NJ
Alfred Bettman saved zoning in Euclid v. Ambler and spearheaded the first legislation to establish citizen planning commissions
Frederick Olmsted, Jr. was the first president of the American City Planning Institute and was the president of the national Planning Conference
Ebenezer Howard called for creation of Garden Cities
Camillo Sitte advocated curved & irregular streets, turbine squares, and was widely taught through Europe
Frederick Olmsted was the nation's foremost parkmaker, designed Central Park, and was the founder of American landscape architecture
Baron Haussmann was a French civic planner who achieved new streets, water supply, boulevards, bridges, etc
Pierre L'Enfant The French architect & engineer who designed Washington DC
Benjamin Bannecker was a surveyor who was appointed by George Washington and located the boundary stones of the Federal District
Hippodamus was the Greek architect who introduced order into the planning of cities
George Perkins Marsh inspired the conservationist movement & wrote ʺMan & Natureʺ
John Wesley Powell wrote the ʺReport on the Lands of the Arid Region of the USʺ
John Muir founded the Sierra Club
Theodore Roosevelt established the Inland Waterway Commission in 1907
Gifford Pinchot was the first professionally trained forester and the first director of the newly formed US Forest Service
William Alonso Cost of land, intensity of development of the land, the concentration of the population and the number of places of employment all decline as distance from the CBD increases.
Logan & Molotch They proposed that elite members of the community who control resources and have interests control urban development.
Edward Bassett ʺfather of zoningʺ
Daniel Burnham ʺfather of city planningʺ
Ian McHarg ʺfather of modern ecologyʺ
Lawrence Veiller ʺfather of the modern housing codeʺ
Paul Davidoff ʺfather of advocacy planningʺ
Thomas Jefferson & John Hector St. John responsible for the ʺagrarian philosophyʺ
Adam Smith responsble for the ʺlaissez faireʺ philosophyʺ
Peter Calthorpe founded the Congress for New Urbanism
Simon concept was ʺsatisficingʺ
Burgess associated with Concentric Ring theory
Sir Raymond Unwin designed Letchworth
deSoissons designed Welwyn
Robert Moses replaced Daniel Burnham as the expert in city planning
Olmsted designed Riverside, IL
Robert Moses designed the Bronx River Parkway
Alfred Bettman and Ladislas Segoe Developed the Cincinnati Plan 1925
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