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Europe in the Middle

Middle Ages the years between ancient and modern times
medieval referring to the Middle Ages
feudalism a system in which land was owned by kings or lords but held by vassals in return for their loyalty
manor a large estate often including farms and a village ruled by a lord
serf a farm worker considered part of the manor on which he or she worked
clergy persons with authority to perform religious services
excommunication expelling someone from the church
guild a medieval organization of crafts workers or tradespeople
apprentice an unpaid person training in a craft or trade
chivalry the code of honorable conduct for knights
troubadour a traveling poet and musician of the Middle Ages
Why was there a need for feudalism? Charlemagne's empire fell apart and Europeans had to defend themselves against Vikings attacks
When did the Middle Ages begin? A.D. 500
When did the Middle Ages end? 1500
Why did the Roman Empire collapse? It suffered from economic and social troubles and it suffered invasions from the north.
What did Charlemagne accomplish during his reign? He established schools, spread the Christian religion, and improved the economy
Order of feudal pyramid king, nobles, knights, peasants
Created by: reyesj