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Columns Appear vertically and are identiefied by letter at the top of the worksheet window
Range reference- example (A1:F1)
###### Number xetended beyond a cell's width
3 ways to enter data ina a a a cell Enter,tab, enter button in formula bar
wildcard(find/replace) *(asterick)
Default 100%
Print tab Enabels yo to select the number of copies to print, a printer, the parts of the worksheets to print, and the way the printed worksheet will work.
What happens if you try to close a worksheet that has not been saved? You are promted to save the file
Autofit Determines the best width for a column or the best height for a row, based on its contest.
expain how to resize the width of several columns at once select the columns you want to resize, then use the pointer to click and drag the right edge of one of the selected column headings.
How are the numbers displayed in a cell? Right aligned
Merge & Center center cell contents acroos several columns
Theme Preset collection of design elements, elements, including fonts, color, and other effects.
CTRL +U Underline
CTRL+1 Italics
Wrapped Test ps within a cell like in a word procesing document, rather than spilling over into the next cell
CTRL+V Paste
How do you insert a row in an excel spreadsheet? Click the row number t=to select the row where you want the new row to appear, then click the insert button
landscape orientation Wider thatn they are long
portait orientation Longer than they are wide
Header text that prints in the toip margin of each page
footer Text that prints in the bottum margin of each page
Identify three ways to enter a formula into a cell. Enter, tabe, enter butoom margin of each page
show an example of multiplication A1*7
Show an example of division A1/2
Show an example of exponentiation A1^3
Order of evaluation the sequence used to calculate the value of a formula
what is the order of operations when executing an excel Formula? Inner most parentheses are evluated first,moving outward
Control+' (grave accent) Used to switch between showing formulas and showing formula results ina worksheet
Show an example of the SUM function SUM(F1:F10)
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