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ancient greece ch. 7

What is an epic? A long story-poem
What is an acropolis? A walled fort built on a hill
What is an agora? An open-air market and gathering place in many ancient Greek city-states
What is an aristocracy? A wealthy ruling class
What is a tyrant? In ancient Greece, someone who illegally took control of a government and ruled alone;a cruel ruler
What is an oligarchy? A system in which a small group controls the government
What is a democracy? Rule by the people
What is a tragedy? A serious play with an unhappy ending
What is a comedy? A humorous play
What is an alliance? An agreement to cooperate
What is multicultural? Relating to many cultures
What are the three seas that border Greece? Ionian Sea, Aegean Sea & Mediterranean Sea
What is the name of Greece's largest island? Crete
What is the name of the Greek peninsula that is separated from the rest of the mainland by a small isthmus? Balkan Peninsula
What were the two most important crops in ancient Greece? What were they used for besides eating? Grapes & Olives. Grapes were used to eat the leaves and it was used for wine. Olives were used for olive oil which was used for lamps, cooking and food.
What type of building was located in the center of Minoan cities? Why would these buildings have been in the center? Palaces because they were in the center and main point of the city.
If the Minoans' language has never been translated, how do we know about what was important to them? Paintings showed that they liked dancing, music, sports, religion and sailing.
What are two possible causes of the end of the Mycenaean civilization? Dorians came and burned down their city or the Sea Peoples attacked.
What is one way that American democracy is similar to Greek democracy? What is one way that they are different? Why do you think a country would want to choose democracy as a form of government? Our democracies are Similar because we both vote it is different because in the American democracy, women can vote. People would choose democracy because people deserve their freedom to vote.
What made city-states untie (at least temporarily)? To come together to protect themselves and to be ready to attack the Persians.
How did Pericles make it possible for more citizens to serve as jurors? Because Pericles paid the jurors the days they served.
Who was Herodotus? First historian and was the earliest geographer.
What two things did Hippocrates contribute to the field of medicine? He discovered that illnesses' came from natural causes. Hypocratic Oath: for doctors do all they can to help their patients and to not deliberately harm their patients.
How did Socrates teach? With questions
What was the name of Plato's school? The Academy
What three things did Plato say a good citizen should do? 1)Someone who is informed 2) Understands others' points of views 3)Take responsibility for their own actions
What two (at the time) fields of study was Aristotle involved in? Botany & Zoology
What were Philip and Alexander the Great from? Macedonia
What name did Alexander give to many of the new cities he built? Why do you think he did this? Alexandria because he thought that he was important and he wanted to signify that he was there.
How was Alexander's rule a time of exchange between Greeks and other cultures? Leading center of learning and there was a museum and a library with over 50,000 scrolls!
What made Alexandria, Egypt such an important city? Museum and library
What field of math was pioneered by Euclid? Geometry
What would winners in the Olympics receive? Olive crown
Who was the Greek goddess of victory? Nike
Who were only allowed to compete in the Olympics? Only Greek Citizens
What meant contest? "Agon"
What was the "riskiest" sport? Chariot racing
What was the most prestigious sport? The pentathlon
Dust and __?__ of the athletes were sold in a magic potion. Sweat
Created by: funlovingrl22