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pharmacology stack51

Common name of durg not owned by company Generic
Drug name that manufactures own Trade/Brand
Governmental department that gives authority for legal regulations of all drugs Department of Health and Human Services
The group who enforces the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act FDA Food and Drug Administration
Regulates OTC drug advertisements FTC Federal Trade Commision
Which governmental department controls DEA Department of Justice
Group who enforces the Controlled Substance Act DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
Who you would notify if you observed or knew of any illegal activity involving CS in your office DEA
Which law is in control of the manufacture and sale of drugs which are abused Controlled Substance Act
Which law is in control of standardization, drugs, devices, and cosmetics Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
What is standardization Testing process that ensures the strength, identy, purity, and quality of a drug
Drug's under which schedule have to have Rx's written on special Rx blanks (in most states) Schedule II
From where are the blanks on Schedule II prescriptions obtained Michigan-DEA State of Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services
How do you write out dosages and the number dispensed on a CS perscription write out in words
Which Rx's must be hand signed by Physician's but on regular blanks Controled substances III, IV, and V
List and define the four formal parts of a Rx superscription-Pt. name and date Rx symbol (inscription)-name dose or strenght Signature- directions to patient Subscription- directions to pharmacist
Liquid med composed of oil and water emulsion
liquid composed of solute and solvent solution: normal saline (crystal clear)
mixture combined but not dissolved suspension (liquid antibiotic, pepto bismo) shake well
combination of the drug + alcohol + water + flavorings exilir (terpin hydrate (close tightly so alcohol will not evaporate, keep concentrated
Combination of a drug + alcohol + water Tincture- not to be consumed (for external use only)
Prep that is small, round and swallowed whole Pill
Compressed in a mold and comes in various shapes and sizes Tablet
Two part gelatin container capsule
Glycerinated wax prep- and nursing implications Suppository- keep cool, do not hold in hand, water soluble solevent
Prep which does not disolve until it reaches the small intestines- one marked for easy division enteric coating- scored
prep that is dissolved and given parenteral hypodermic tablet (solution has to be crystal clear)
remote/systemic action drug is working throughout the body- remote- fat away
what is local action works at the site of administration
How would you store a drug that was sensitive to light keep in original container; away from light
What is usually the effect on a drug that is expired looses potiency
Idiosyncrasy opposite exaggerated, unexpected response to a drug
Some mild adverse reactions to a drug NVD, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsy, blurred vision, bad breath, frequent urination, insomia
Some major adverse reactions to a drug cardiac arrythmias, depression, sucidal thoughts, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity,
Common major adverse reaction to aspirin and birth control pills causes ulcers
Most common drug allergy penincillin
Large dose given by a smaller dose loading dose
Lower dose following loading dose maintenance dose
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