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huntleymi stack

digestion and immune study stack

Produces Saliva ? Salivary glands
2 types of major nutrients Sugars and Starches
Food enters the body when ? When it is absorbed into the body
What is the food in your mouth called after it's been chewed ? A bolus
2 components of digestion Chemical and Physical
What muscle does the esophagus pass through before reaching the stomach ? The Diaphram
Stops the food from going back into the esophagus ? The Cardiac Sphineter
What helps the stomach churn the food ? The three layers of muscle
Stomach lining produces mucus because .. It protects the stomach from acid
Name of the substance that enters the stomach through the small intestine Chyme
What can you get removed and does not have a use ? The Appendix
How long is the alimentary canal ? 8-10 meters depending on height
What is the action called when the mouth starts breaking down food and preparing for digestion ? Mastication
The wave like motion of contracting muscles is called ? Peristalsis
Cells produce a watery fluid with a digestive enzyme called ? Salivary amylase
What does the muscular sac do ? Churns and mixes food
What do gastric pits do ? Increase surface area
What completes digestion of the nutrients in chyme , absorbs products of digestion and transport the remaining residue to the large intestine ? The small intestine
Helps to break down fats The liver
The Gallbladder is underneath ? The liver
What does the saliva amalase do ? Breaks down starches
Specific vitamin that is used in energy production ? Vitamin B
What is the acid called you have in your stomach ? Hydrocloric acid
How often does your stomach linging get replaced ? Every three days
How much food do you eat per day ? 1 kg
How long does it take to fully digest food ? 2 days
How much saliva do we have each day ? 1 litre
The pyloric valve is located between .. The stomach and small intestine
Where does digestion begin ? The mouth
What do we use to break down food ? Our teeth and tonges
What transports food to the stomach ? The esophagus
Why do the digestive organs make chyme ? It moves eaiser through the body
Why do stomach muscles contract ? To remind you your hungry
How long is the small intestine ? 7 meters
How long is the large intestine ? 2 meters
What does the epiglottis do ? Covers the breathing tube so you dont choke
How long is the duodenum ? less than a meter
How long is the jejunum ? About 2 meters
How long is the illeum ? 3 meters long
What is the function of the Gall bladder ? Stores bile
The three organs that aid in digestion Liver , Pancreas , and Gall bladder
What creates bile ?m The liver
Amino acid is .. Protein
How much water enters your system each day ? 9 quarts
What does normal flora produce ? Nutrients
Waste leaves the body where ? The anal cavity
Why does the tonge raise up ? To push food back
Where is the appendix located ? Off the large intestine
What does the large intestine form ? feces
Created by: huntleymi1