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7th Grade History Vocabulary - Bill of Rights

bail Money deposited with the court to get an arrested person temporarily released from jail on a promise to appear for trial
capital crime crimes punishable by death, such as murder or treason
common law laws dealing with private, not criminal or military, matters
due process the legal proceedings established by a nation or state to protect individual rights and liberties
disparage to discredit
enumeration determining the number of, the count
grievance a situation thought unjust and reason for compliant and remedy
indictment a formal accusation by a grad jury, charging a person with a crime after sutdying the evidence
infamous crime punishable by imprisonment
infringed to encroach, or trespass
jeopardy to place a person in great danger or peril
oath a declaration to keep a promise or to tell the truth
petition a written request or plea in which specific court action is requested
redress to set right, often by making compensation for a wrong
seizure the act of legally taking possession by force
warrant a court order giving an officer legal authority to make an arrest, seizure or search
writ a formal legal document ordering or prohibiting some action
the right not to quarter soldiers in your home III
the right to assembly I
cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property without just compensation V
the right to redress of grievances I
cannot be tried for the same crime twice V
the right to confront witnesses VI
No cruel or unusual punishment VIII
freedom of speech I
right to a speedy trial VI
protection from unreasonable search and seizure IV
right to bear arms II
no excessive bail VIII
the right to a trial by jury in civil cases of $20 VII
freedom of religion I
the right to be informed of why you are being arrested VI
Not to testify against oneself V
freedom of the press I
the right to call witnesses in one's defense at a trial VI
the right to a trial by jury in criminal cases VI