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Med Terms 111

Simply terms/ word elements (blue box)

Or/stomat mouth
Gloss/lingu tongue
bucc- cheek
cheil/labi lip
dent/odont teeth
gingiv gums
sial saliva
esophag esophagus
pharyng pharynx
gast stomach
pylor pylorus
duoden duodenum
enter intestine
jejun jejunum
ile ileum
append appendix
col/colon colon
sigmoid sigmoid colon
rect rectum
proct anus/rectum
an anus
hepat liver
pancreat pancreas
cholangi bile vessel
chol bile/gall
-orexia appetite
-pepsia digestion
-prandial meal
nas/rhin nose
sept septum
pharyng pahrynx
epiglott epiglottis
laryng larynx
trache trachea
pneum air/lung
pulmon lung
pleur pluera
atel incomplete
orth straight
ox oxygen
pector/steth/thorac chest
phren diaphragm
spir breathe
-capnia carbon dioxide
-osmia smell
-phonia voice
-pnea breathing
-ptysis spitting
brady- slow
dys- bad/painful
eu- good/normal
tachy- rapid
aneurysm a widening
angi/vascul vessel
aort aorta
arteri artery
ather fatty plaque
cardi heart
electr electricity
embol plug
hemangi blood vessel
my muscle
phleb/ven vein
scler hardening
sphygm pulse
sten narrowing
thromb blood clot
venrticul ventricle
gram recording
aden gland
agglutin clumping
blast embryonic cell
eosin dawn (rose colored)
hem/hemat blood
immun immune
morph form/change shape
myel bone marrow
plas formation/growth
poikil irregular
sider iron
thym thymus gland
globin protein
graft transplantation
-phil attraction for
-phoresis carrying
-phylaxis protection
-poiesis formation
-stasis standing still
allo- other
aniso- unequal
mono- one
ankyl- stiffness
arthr joint
lord curve/swayback
orth straight
oste bone
ped foot
scoli bent/crooked
dactyl fingers/toes
ischi ischium (lower portion of the hip bone)
pod foot
spondyl/verebr vertebrae
leiomy smooth muscle
rhabd rod-shaped
chondr cartilage
-asthenia weakness
-clasia/clast to break
-physis growth
-porosis porous
syn- union/ joined together
cyst/vesic bladder
lith stone
meat opening
nephr/ren kidney
pyel renal pelvis
ur urine
andr male
balan glans penis
orch/test testis
vas vessel
varic dilated vein
vesicul seminal vesicle
crypt hidden
kal potassium
noct night
olig scanty
py pus
-cide killing
-spadias slit/fissure
amni- amnion
cervic- neck
colp/vagin vagina
galact/lact milk
gynec woman,female
hyster uterus
mamm/mast- breast
men- menses
metri/uter- uterus
nat- birth
oophor/ovari ovary
perine- perineum
salping- tube (fallopian or eustachian)
-arche beginning
-cyesis pregnancy
-gravida pregnant woman
-para to bear
-salpinx tube (fallopian or eustachian)
-tocia childbirth,labor
-version turning
dys- bad; painful
primi- first
adren/adrenal adrenal glands
calc- calcium
crin- secrete
gluc/glycos sugar/sweetness
thym thymus gland
thyr- thyroid gland
toxic- poison
-crine secrete
-dipsia thirst
-gen forming, producing
eu- good,normal
dendr tree
encephal brain
gangli- ganglion
gli- glue, neurological tissue
lex- word, phrase
kinesi- movement
lept- thin, slender
myel- bone marrow
narc- stupor
sthen- strength
radicul- nerve root
thec- sheath
ton- tension
vetricul- ventricle
-algesia, algia pain
-esthenia feeling
-plexy stroke
-taxia order, coordination
contra- against
syn- union, together
ambly- dull, dim
aque- water
blephar- eyelid
core, pupill pupil
conjunctiv conjunctiva
corne, kerat cornea, horny tissue
cycl, ciliary body of the eye
dacry, lacrim tear
dacryocyst- lacrimal gland
glauc- gray
goni- angle
irid- iris
ocul, ophthalm eye
opt,optic eye, vision
phac- lens
phot- light
presby- old age
aur, ot ear
staped stapes
myring, tympan tympanic membrane
-opia opsia vision
-tropia turning
-acusia, cusis hearing
-trophy development
contra- against
pachy- thick
uni- one
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