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Garde Manger

Ragu Meat based sauce
Cannelloni Pasta stuffed with meat
Penne Quill shaped pasta
Manicotti Pasta stuffed with cheese
Rennet Enzymes in cows stomach that coagulates milk.
Fromage French for Cheese
Semolina Hard winter durum wheat flour.
Pasta Fresca Fresh
Pasta Lunghi Long
Pasta Rigate Rigid
Pasta Ripiena Stuffed
Gnocchi Potato dumpling
Pasta Lisce Smooth
Pasta Secca Dried
Orzo Rice shaped
Farfalle Bow-tie
Four types of blue veined cheese? Gorganzola, Roquefort, Dana Blue, Stilton, and Maytag.
Five types of cheese? Fresh, soft, semi-soft, firm, and hard.
Three types of rinds and an example with each? Bloomy (Brie), Washed/Brine (Teleggio), and Wax (Edam).
Explain ala dente. To the tooth
King Ferdinand (2 things)? Pasta machine and the fork.
Thomas Jefferson (2 things)? Brought macaroni machine to America and reintroduced tomatoes.
Cook time for fresh pasta? 3-4 minutes.
Cook time for dry pasta? 8-10 minutes.
How much water to a pound of dry pasta? 1 gallon.
Number of servings to a pound of pasta? 10
Cook pasta ahead of service? Ideally, no.
Why is pasta so popular? Cheap, filling, and people like it.
Why so many pasta shapes? It creates excitement.
Explain cheddaring? Curds are drained, ground, and poured into molds to be pressed.
How is American cheese produced? Milk, whey, and milk fat. Not curds, so processed.
This soft bloomy rind cheese is produced in the Marne Valley outside of Paris? Brie
How is pesto prepared? Olive oil, basil, garic, pine nuts, and cheese.
Marinara Tomato sauce
Alfredo Cream and parmesean sauce.
Three types of Asian pasta? Chow mein, lo Mein, and Cellophane
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