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Medication Admin 1

Med Administration.

Require an order by health care professional licensed to prescribe Prescription
Drugs or chemical substances used for nontherapeutic purposes Illegal Drugs
Gives the exact chemical makeup of the drug Chemical Name
Name given the drug when it is first proposed by the company (not capitalized) Generic Name
Name under which the drug is listed by FDA. Official Name
Name the drug is registered and restricted to the owner of the drug. Trade or brand name.
Process by which drugs alter cell physiology Pharmacodynamics.
Study of the movement of drug molecule in the body. Pharmokinetics
The drug with the best "fit" equals the greatest response Affinity
Process by which a drug passes into the bloodstream. Absorption
Route thats affect absorption. Enteral parenteral percutaneous
Drugs taken orally, absorbed from GI tract to portal circulation, liver may extensively metabolize the drug before it reaches circulation First Pass
Refers to the waysin which drugs are transported by circulating body fluids to the site of action. Distribution
Process by which the body inactivates drugs Metabolism
What is ADME Absorption Distribution Metabolism Excretion
Elimination of the drug from the body. Excretion.
Increased metabolism=_____ drug effect increased
Primary organ of excretion. kidney
How many 1/2 lifes for most out the medication to be out of the body 5
When the action of one drug is altered by the action of another drug. interaction
2 drugs with similar actions for doubled effect additive
Combined effect of 2 drugs is greater than the sum of the effect of each drug given alone synergistic
One drug interferes with the action of another. antagonistic
One drug is chemically incompatible with another drug. incompatibility
what is DDPTR drug dose patient time route
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