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Wound Healing

WVSOM skin System 2012- adelman Wound healing

What are the phases of wound healing? Inflammatory phase, migratory phase, proliferative phase, late phase scare remodeling
Name the portions of the inflammatory phase? Hemostasis, vasodilation, phagocytosis
what occurs during hemostasis? Vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, release of cytokines, release of factor XII,
What occurs during vasodilation? increased permeability for plasma proteins, RBC's, WBC's
how long does vasodilation last? 5-7 days
What cells are involved with phagocytosis? Macrophages and Neutrophils, PMN leukocytes, Monocyte
What can monocytes transition to? macrophages
How long does the migratory phase last? lasts 2days- 3 weeks
What is the priniciple action of the migratory phase? Angiogenesis, epitheialization
define the epithelial response Marginal basal cells undergo increased mitosis, daughter cells flatten to fill void
when does the proliferative phase begin? 5 days after wound occurs
define fibroplasia undifferentiated, extravascular mesenchymal cells transform to fibroblasts stimulated by injury
When does fibroplasia begin? 5-7 post wound
What is the major collagen component of skin tissue Type I
What is the second most common collagen component of skin tissue? Type III
what makes collagen? what does it require? Fibroblast; o2, ascorbic acid (vit C)and ferrous iron
how does collagen contract? Myofibroblasts
what structural component is important for scar formation? Cross-linkage to increase strength
Nutrition is important to wound healing. What occurs in the malnourished? visceral and cuntaneous wound healing is stalled only in SEVERELY malnourished
what would an asorbic acid deficiency cause? lack of hydroxylation of proline and lysine in collagen synthesis
what would a zinc deficency cause? decreased cellular proliferation and granulation.
what would a zinc overdose cause? inhibition of macrophage migration and phagocytosis
what affect does anemia and hypoxia have on wound healing? HYPOXIA: inability to form collagen (hydroxylation of proline and lysine) ANEMIA: must be severe enough to limit circulating blood volume.
what is the effect of steroids on wound healing? Adrenocortical steroids inhibit all aspects of healing.
when would you use steroids therapeutically? KELOIDS
What can exaccerbate Keloid formation? Vitamin A
Created by: Bwest8