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We the People Government final

citizens’ attitudes about political issues, leaders, institutions, and events Public opinion
a cohesive set of beliefs that forms a general philosophy about the role of government political ideology
a distinctive pattern of voting behavior reflecting the differences in views between women and men gender gap
a small group selected by researchers to represent the most important characteristics of an entire population sample
a method used by pollsters to select a representative sample in which every individual in the population has an equal probability of being selected as a respondent probability sampling
polling error that arises when the sample is not representative of the population being studied, which creates errors in overrepresenting or underrepresenting some opinions selection bias
polling error that arises based on the small size of the sample sample error
a polling technique in which the questions are designed to shape the respondent’s opinion push polling
a strategy by which organized interests seek to influence the passage of legislation by exerting direct pressure on members of the legislature lobbying
the right to vote; also called franchise suffrage
the percentage of eligible individuals who actually vote turnout
status in society based on level of education, income, and occupational prestige socioeconomic status
the process by which large numbers of people are organized for a political activity mobilization
organized groups that attempt to influence the government by electing their members to important government offices political parties
a political system in which only two parties have a realistic opportunity to compete effectively for control two-party system
parties that organize to compete against the two major American political parties third parties
an electorate that is allowed to select only one representative from each district; the normal method of representation in the United States single-member district
an electorate that selects all candidates at large from the whole district; each voter is given the number of votes equivalent to the number of seats to be filled multiple-member district
a type of electoral system in which, to win a seat in the parliament or other representative body, a candidate need only receive the most votes in the election, not necessarily a majority of votes cast plurality system
multiple-member district system that allows each political party representation in proportion to its percentage of the total vote proportional representation
the party that holds the majority of legislative seats in either the House or the Senate majority party
the party that holds a minority of legislative seats in either the House or the Senate minority party
a primary election in which voters can participate in the nomination of candidates, but only of the party in which they are enrolled for a period of time prior to primary day closed primary
a primary election in which the voter can wait until the day of the primary to choose which party to enroll in to select candidates for the general election open primary
the process of redrawing election districts and redistributing legislative representatives. This happens every ten years to reflect shifts in population or in response to legal challenges in existing districts redistricting
apportionment of voters in districts in such a way as to give unfair advantage to one racial or ethnic group or political party gerrymandering
the presidential electors from each state who meet after the popular election to cast ballots for president and vice president electoral college
a candidate running for reelection to a position that he or she already holds incumbent
a private group that raises and distributes funds for use in election campaigns political action committee (PAC)
individuals who organize to influence the government’s programs and policies interest group
groups that claim they serve the general good rather than only their own particular interest public interest groups
the rules under which a city operates home-rule charter
a form of city gvmnt in which the mayor is the chief exec. and the city cncl is the legis.body; mayor-council form of government
a form of city government in which public policies are developed by the city council and executive and administrative functions are assigned to a professional city manager council-manager form of government.
Variables such as income, education, race, gender, and ethnicity Often create differences of political opinion in America
The process by which americans learn political beliefs and values is called Political socialization
When men and women respond differently to issues of public policy they are demonstrating an example of Gender gap
Which of the following is the term used in public opinion polling to denote the small group representing the opinions of the whole population Sample
When politicians pollsters journalists or social scientitists assume something is important to the public when in fact it is not they are creating An illusion of saliency
What is the most common form of political participation? Voting
Women won the right to vote in ____ with the adoption of the ____ Amendment 1920 Nineteenth
Americans who do vote are more likely to be ___ than the population as a whole. Wealthy white and educated
Which of the following factors is not currently an obstacle to voting in the United States? Literacy tests
Of all the factors explaining political participation which is the most important? the mobilization of people by political institutions
Historically, when do realignments occur? when large numbers of voters permanently shift their support from one party to another
An independent, nonprofit group that receives and disburses funds to influence election campaigns is 527 committee
The neutral ballot made it possible for voters to Vote for a split ticket
Which of the following is not an important communication technique for contemporary political campaigns Gerrymandering
Which of the following is not a factor that influences voters decisions The electoral system used to determine the winner
Partisian loyalty Is often handed down from parents to children
When a voter decides which candidate to vote for based on past performance the voters engaged in Retrospective voting
In 2002 federal campaign finance legistraltion crafted by john mccain and russel Feingold sought to Ban soft money by prohibiting national parties from soliciting and receiving contributions from corporations unions or individuals
The theory that competition among organized intersts will produce balance with all the interest regulating over another is Pluralism
In which of the following ways do interest groups use the courts to affect public policy Filing amicus briefs bringing lawsuits financing those filing suit ALL THE ABOVE
In Texas, the Republican Party became the dominant party in the 1990s
Which demographic group was the largest percentage share of voters in Texas? White anglo
Officially, texas has a Closed primary
Interest groups supply public officials with all the following except Money
Lobbyists are Important resources of information for legislators
Which of the following is not a type of local government found in texas Council of government
The basic governing body of a county is known as A county commissioners court
How many counties are there in texas 254
A county judge presides over the county court and the county commissioner’s court
To adopt a home-rule charter, a city must have a minimum population of 5000
Which local government provides a single service not provided by any other local government Special district
What are the two types of special districts found in Texas? School and non school
A special district is a unit of local government that provides a special service to a limited geographic area
A MUD Serves the needs of developers
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