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Skin Fungal Infect.

WVSOM Skin System 2012- Blue Fungal Infections

What is the defining feature of Pityriasis Versicolor? It feeds on sweat and sebum NOT keratin. It is a lipophilic yeast.
Does Pityriasis cause an inflammatory response? NO
What is the physical observation of a person with Pitryiasis Versicolor? Depigmentation/pigmentation
What exacerbates Pitryiasis Versicolor? Humid environments
What do anti-fungals target? They are broad spectrum and target ergosterol in the cell wall of fungi.
What does a skin scraping containing fungi appear like after digestion with KOH. Spaghetti and meatballs
What is the organism which causes Pitryasis versicolor? Malassezia
Malassezia causes what diseases? Pitryasis versicolor, Cradle Cap, Dandruff (seborrheic Dermatitis)
What is the treatment for seborrehic Dermatitis "Azoles" are primary, also treat with selenium sulfide,salicyclic acid, or pyrithione zinc
What are the defining features of tinea Nigra? Brown/black macular lesions on HANDS and FEET. NON-inflammatory
What is the defining feature of Exophiala Werneckii? Brown-black yeasts found in soil and shower curtains.
What is the primary treatment of Exophiala werneckii? Salicylic acid and benzoic acid (whitfield's ointment)
What is the defining feature of Piedras?(black and white) LOCATION; they are located on the external hair shaft.
What is the organism which causes black piedra? Piedraia hortae
What is the organism which causes white piedra? Trichosporon beigelli
What is the class of fungal a infections which affect the cutaneous skin? Tineas
What is the food source for the cutaneous Tineas? Keratin
Where is tinea imbriacata located and what are the defining features? trunk, legs, forearms have CONCENTRIC rings of scales.
What is the organism which causes tinea imbricata? trichophyton CONCENTRICUM (remember concentric rings, concentricum)
Where is tinea corporis located? ringworm of trunk and legs
What organisms cause tinea Corporis? Trichophyton rubrum, microsporum, canis, trichophyton mentagrophytes.
What organisms cause Tinea Pedis? trichophyton rubrum,T. metagrophytes, epidermopyton floccosum
what is tinea cruris? rash and scaling of the inner thighs
Define tinea capitis disease of children which is ectothrix or endothrix and causes hairloss and scaling.
what organism causes tinea capitis? trichophyton tonsurans and schoenleinii and violaceum Microsporum audouinii
where is tinea barbae located? bearded areas of neck and face
what organism causes tinea barbae? trichophyton verrucosum
what is Tinea Unguium? Fungal infection of the neails that causes thickening and colorization.
what organisms cause tinea unguium? trichophyton rubrum and candida
what treatments would you use for tinea unguium? "Azoles", terbinafine, griseofulvin, tolnaftate
What is chromoblastomycosis? cauliflower like lesions which are typically of the foot.
What organisms causes chromoblastomycosis? fonsecea pedrosoi, cladosporium carrionii
What is sporotrichosis? rose thorn disease; ulcerative papule that spreads via draining lymph channels
what causes sporotrichosis? sporothrix schenckii
what is the treatment for sporotrichosis? SSKI, Azole,Amphotericin B
what is mycetoma? Infection via thorns and splinters which are small papules and nodules. Lymphatics lead to deep tissue infiltration and bone destruction
what is the treatment for mycetoma? surgery or amputation
Created by: Bwest8