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Teague First 20

ISEE First 20

Adjunct Something attached to another thing but in a dependent or subordinate position
Coalesce To come together to form one whole
Congeal To cause to come together or coagulate
Juxtapose To situate side-by-side; place together
Abdicate To relinquish power or responsibility formally
Accord To reach an agreement - To grant or bestow upon
Condone To forgive, overlook, or disregard an offense without protest or censure
Decree An authoritative order having the force of law
Ambiguous Doubtful or uncertain
Egress The act of going out; emergence - Exit
Epoch A point in time that marks the beginning of such a period; era
Intangible Incapable of being perceived or defined; elusive
Prolific Producing fruit or offspring in great abundance; fertile
Consensus General agreement or accord
Contiguous Touching; nearby; neighboring
Fission The act or process of splitting into parts
Fusion The merging of different elements into union or pair
Amorphous Without definite form; lacking a specific shape - Unorganized; formless
Itinerant Traveling from place to place, especially to perform some duty or work
Scull A type of oar for a boat
Created by: tloughman
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