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Med Tech

Excretory System

Each kidney is enclosed in a mass of? Fatty tissue called Adipose Capsule
Outer section of the kidney Cortex
Inner section of the kidney Medulla
Microscopic filtering unit of the kidney Nephron
Cluster of capillaries that begin the filtration of blood in the kidney? Glomerulus
What is filter out of the blood in the Glomerulus? Mineral Salts, Metabolic products, sugars and water
What is not filtered out of the blood in the glomerulus? Protein and RBC's
What is the Bowman's Capsule? C-Shaped structure that surrounds the glomerulus
What is the purpose of the Bowman's Capsule? Picks up the materials filtered from the blood in the glomerulus
Where are substances reabsorbed that the body needs? The convoluted tubules
How many ureters do you have? 2
How many urethras do you have? 1
formed from salts in the urine Renal calculus
What is another name for renal calculus kidney stones
Inflammation of the renal pelvis/kidney Pyelonephritis
Inflammation of the bladder cystitis
Inflammation of the glomerulus Glomerulonephritis
These are s/s of what excretory condition: Chills, fever, hematuria, frequent urination, bladder spasms, fever, dysuria, ? Cystitis
These are s/s of what kidney disease: chills, fever, fatigue, edema, oliguria, hematuria and protein in the urine? Glomerulonephritis
Why should you limit salt intake with Acute, Chronic Glomerulonephritis, and Renal failure Your kidneys are unable to filter fluids well, salt intake can created fluid retention making it even harder to filter urine
What kidney condition needs to be treated with Dialysis? Acute and chronic renal failure, and chronic glomerulonephritis
Excessive amount of urine Polyuria
Scant amount of urine oliguria
No urine anuria
blood in urine hematuria
pus in urine pyuria
Urinating at night nocturia
Inability to empty bladder retention
painful urination dysuria
involuntary urination incontinence
Tube that carries urine urine from the bladder to the outside urethra
receives urine from the ureters bladder
External opening of the urethra Urinary meatus
Has lining of mucus membranes called Rugae Bladder
Disappear as the bladder fills Mucus membrane called Rugae
Passes materials into the convoluted tubules Bowmans capsule
Notched or indented area of each kidney Hilum
A rhythmic wavelike motion, moves urine through the ureter Peristalsis
Bladder has 250mls of urine Urge to void(urinate)
Type of dialysis that filters the blood Hemodialysis
Type of dialysis that filters the peritoneal cavity of the body Peritoneal dialysis
These are s/s of what type of kidney condition: chills, fever, back pain, dysuria, hematuria, and pyuria? Pyelonephritis
What excretory conditions are treated with antibiotics, increase fluids and possibly antipyretics? Cystitis, Pyelonephritis and urethritis
What excretory conditions are treated with antibiotics, fluid maintenance and possibly antipyretics? Acute Glomerulonephritis
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