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HC21 Final Exam 2012

What is the best way to prevent spread of infection? Wash hands
What causes disease? Pathogens
How should a used sharp be disposed of? Drop the entire sharp into the sharps container
How long can a single pair of gloves be used? Only during the care of 1 patient
When should health care workers wash their hands? Before providing care and between patients
What type of patients should be considered infectious? All patients should be considered infectious(this is why universal precautions are used)
What should be done with the juice that a patient in isolation did not drink? It should be flushed down the toilet in the patient's room
Touching an open wound is an example of which type of contact? Direct contact
Why should transmission-based garments never be removed outside the isolation room? It would increase the risk of spreading infection
When treating an open wound what type of gloves should be worn? Sterile gloves
What should you do if a patient is too heavy for you to move alone? Ask a co-worker for help
Which tool should be used when transferring a patient from a bed to a wheelchair? Transfer belt
If a patient is lying on their back, they are in what position? Supine
How should a heavy object be carried? Close to your body
What is body mechanics? Positioning your body in ways that prevent injury
What is the most common type of injury to the health care worker? Back injury
What should you do immediately after a safety violation occurs? Report it to the supervisor
How can you confine a fire to an area? Close doors and windows
Where should you point the fire extinguisher nozzle when putting out a fire? At the base of the fire
When decoding a message, the receiver applies their own: frame of reference
The active listening technique used to get more information is: Clarification
How is emotion expressed verbally? Through tone of voice (verbal=voice, not body language)
What is the benefit of verbal communication over written communication? Verbal communication provides immediate feedback (written communication waits on the someone to read what is written)
How should you respond to constructive criticism? Show appreciation
What should be done when giving constructive criticism? Choose words carefully
When people are preoccupied with their own problems, they can miss much of the message coming from the other person. This is an example of: A communication barrier
Patient questions often create: Patient education situations
What should a healthcare worker do if they are asked to do a task outside of their scope of practice? Consult their supervisor
The way a person responds to stress: determines whether the stress is positive or negative
What hormone is released when a person is stressed? Adrenaline (and cortisol)
Treating your patient rudely because you are mad at a coworker is an example of what type of defense mechanism? Displacement
What should be included when sending a resume? A personal cover letter
Who can speak positively about an applicant? A reference
You are applying for a job as a nursing assistant. Completing an application for employment is evidence of your ability to: Follow instructions and spell correctly
What is the best way to find a job opening? Network with family, friends, and other contacts
What question should an applicant NOT ask an interviewer during a first interview for a job How many sick days would I have?
What is it called when an employer and a job applicant meet to discuss the job opening? An interview
An effective date of resignation is: At least 2 weeks from the date of the letter of resignation
Can you tell me a little about yourself? What do you think you can bring to our team? What kind of work atmosphere are you looking for? These questions provide an opportunity for you: to speak about your knowledge and skills
Following an interview, what kind of letter should an applicant send to an interviewer? A follow up letter
In addition to a hard copy of the resume and references, what documentation should an applicant bring to an interview? Any credentials, such as certificates, registration and licenses
In adult CPR, when should EMS be activated? Before administering CPR
How does defibrillation work? It stuns the heart to stop ventricular fibrillation
What effect can rescuer fatigue have on chest compressions Compressions become shallow and ineffective
What is cardiac arrest When the heart stops beating
During CPR, what is the ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths in adults? 30 compressions, 2 breaths
How are rescue breaths given during infant CPR? Through the mouth and nose
What is the first thing you should do when entering into a patients room (after knocking) Introduce yourself
What is another term for "symptoms" Subjective observation
In ancient times, what invention helped slow the spread of disease? Sewer systems
Where on the patient's back should back blows be administered? Between the patient's shoulder blades
When does choking occur? When the trachea is blocked
Abdominal thrusts are provided when: A patient cannot talk and is frantically grabbing at the neck
What method is used to clear an obstructed airway in an infant? Back blows and chest thrusts
When adjusting crutches for fit, how many inches should there be between the axillary bars and the patients underarms? 2 inches
What should be applied to a bone or joint injury if immediate professional medical help will be unavailable for an extended amount of time? Cold compresses
Not all fractures cause: an open wound when the bone breaks
What actions can be taken to try to control or stop bleeding? Apply pressure and elevate the injured body part
Redness, oozing pus and a fever can indicate: A wound has become infected
What are the key locations to check for frostbite? Ears, hands, feet and nose
Diabetes is caused by: the body producing too little insulin
What is the treatment for a patient who is having a seizure? Move harmful objects away from the patient's path
A stroke is the reduction or the lack of blood supplied to the: Brain
Chest pain, difficulty breathing, and irregular or rapid heartbeat are symptoms of which type of heart attack? Common
3g:1 capsule :: 8g: X capsules is an example of which type of proportion? Parallel proportion
The physician orders 40mg of medication in every 5ml of liquid. How much liquid is required to administer 120mg of medication? 15ml
How many ounces is 450 milliliters ( 1 ounce = 30 milliliters)? 15 oz
Who is known as the "Father of Medicine" Hippocrates
What pandemic occurred during the dark ages? Bubonic plague
What type of health care system does the United States have? Private system funded by insurance (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield; Priority Health) and out of pocket payment
How has medical information on the internet impacted healthcare? Patients are taking more responsibility for their own health
Why is geriatric care in high demand? People are living longer
What is the purpose of the FDA? The Food & Drug Administration regulates food and drug products in the USA
Medicaid is run by the ________ government State
HMOs encourage healthy life styles because: It's cheaper to prevent an illness then to treat an illness.
What is a health insurance PREMIUM? The amount paid to an insurance company for an insurance policy
Your insurance pays 100% of an office visit after a $250 deductable. You already paid $100 of the deductable. Your next office visit is $125. How much do you need to pay? $125
What is required of all conflict resolution strategies? Compromise
An explanation of a test and obtaining permission from the patient is what type of consent? Informed consent
Intentionally touching another person without permission is referred to as: Battery
A person is harmed because of another person's actions or failure to act. What type of CASE is this? Tort
Ensuring that a patient's medical information is private is one of the purposes of: HIPAA
The Resident's Bill of Rights promotes: Promotes independence and self-determination
Legal documents that allow people to state what medical treatments they want or do not want in the event that they are unable to make decisions or communicate are called: Advance Directives
Yellow skin is referred to as: Jaundice
Bluish skin color is referred to as: Cyanosis
Which body system's main function is to cover and protect the body? Integumentary system (skin)
When a person turns their head side to side to signal "No" this movement is referred to as: Rotation
Which body system's main function is to send and receive impulses to direct body activities? Nervous system
What can be done to help prevent brain damage if someone is having a stroke? Give drugs within the first 3 hours to break up clot
At what point do most digestive products pass into the blood stream? Small intestine
The role of the cardiovascular system is to: carry oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and remove waste from them
What is NOT found in formed (clotted) blood? Plasma (thin yellow fluid)
Iron or vitamin B12 can be used to treat: Anemia
Vital signs are the most important indicator of: health of the body
In addition to a baby's height and weight, what other measurement is checked for growth? head circumference
To properly read a weight on a scale: the balance bar needs to be centered between the upper and lower guides
When using a tympanic thermometer, one must be sure to: Use a plastic cover to prevent spread of infection
Temperature measures: The balance between heat produced and heat lost
Where is the carotid pulse found? On the side of the neck
While counting a pulse, what must you be aware of? The volume and rhythm of the pulse
A patient breathing at a rate of 5 breaths per minute, is referred to as: Bradypnea (brady=slow, pnea=breathing)
Normal range for diastolic blood pressure is: 60-80 mm Hg
How should the arm be positioned when taking a blood pressure? At heart level, supported, with palm facing up
Lydia's dress code at work requires white shoes, she doesn't want to wear white shoes, what should she do? Comply with the rule and wear white shoes
How should you behave as a healthcare worker when talking with patients and other staff? Professionally
A living will overrides what other documents? Durable power of attorney, organ donor card, and physician's orders
Unpaid leave to recover from the birth of a child is an example of: The Family and Medical Leave Act
What are workers compensation laws? Laws that require employers to insure employees in case they are injured at work
What agency enforces safety and health standards in the work place? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Scientists hope to accomplish what using recombinant DNA? Replacing defective genes with normal genes
Healthiest newborns receive what range of APGAR scores? 7-10
What is fetal alcohol syndrome? Serious birth defects caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy
What can help prevent fatal accidents in infants and toddlers? Adults closely watching them
In the early childhood stage what area requires special attention by caregivers Proper nutrition
What is the leading cause of death in adolescence? Suicide
In late adulthood, people make up for the loss of many functions with what? Wisdom
Mortuary care includes what? Care of the body, as well as emotional and ceremonial needs
Muscle atrophy can cause what? Decrease in strength
Holistic health care uses therapies from biomedical, complementary, and what other source? Alternative medicine
How do you achieve emotional wellness? By understanding your feeling and expressing them appropriately
Complementary therapies combine what? Alternative and biomedical therapies
What is a therapeutic diet? Modification of a normal diet for a health reason
What does the body use to build, maintain, and repair cells? Proteins
A patient is farsighted. This means that the patient can see what well? Objects that are further away
Is it ever acceptable to be dishonest in healthcare? NO, never be dishonest
What personal hygiene product is acceptable for healthcare workers to use and what personal hygiene products are unacceptable? Deodorant is acceptable; heavy scented lotions and body sprays are not acceptable
How can you best demonstrate commitment to your employer? Stay late to help co-workers
Why is it helpful to write down a goal? To make it seem real and attainable
What's the 1st step in problem solving? Identify the problem
What do you do if a goal fails to be accomplished? Evaluate the goal and determine the reason for failure
What is a scope of practice what health care workers are permitted to do according to their profession
What is the body's main source of energy? Carbohydrates
Health care providers should be chosen according to whose needs? The patient's needs
When lifting, always bend at your: hips and knees
What overrides a durable power of attorney, an organ donor card, and a physician's order? A living will
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