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Shipyard Shops

Shop 11 Ship Fitter Shop: Responsible for fabricating, assembling and erecting all structural parts of a ship and coordinates all sonar dome work. Shop is also responsible for hydro and air testing of tanks and compartments.
Shop 11F Forge Shop: Responsible for cleaning anchor chains, straightening propeller blades, and various types of forging.
Shop 17 Sheet Metal Shop: Responsible for making and installing duct work, bins, shelving, bulkheads, weather protection, galley equipment, and etc. on ships. Also available for metal furniture.
Shop 31 Machine Shop: Responsible for all aspects of assembly, inspection, and machining, with secondary support of welding, non-destructive testing, and electroplating.
Shop 41 Boiler Shop: Responsible for building and repairing all types of boilers, pressure vessels, uptakes, smoke pipes, tanks and grating. Also available for misc. metal-forming jobs.
Shop 38 Outside Machine Shop: Responsible for repairs and installs of ordnance and steam engineering components on board ship. Shop contains an Optical Section, Diesel Engine Section and Automatic Combustion Controls Section.
Shop 51 Electrical Shop: Responsible for repairing, testing, and installing electrical and electronic equipment of a great variety and rewinding motors and generators.
Shop 67 Electronics Shop: Responsible for repairing and maintaining electronics equipment such as radio, radar, sonar, LORAN, and Cryptographic equipment as well as SINS (ships integral navigation system)Also responsible for fire control and weapons system funct
Shop 06 Tools and Tool Issue: Controls issuance of all shipyard tools.
Shop 56 Pipe Shop: Responsible for fabricating new piping, repairing piping sections, testing of heat exchangers, piping assemblies and systems. Also includes a Refrigeration Section for repairs and installs of shipboard refrigeration and air conditioning.
Shop 57 Insulation: Responsible for installing and maintaining insulation and related products for ships and submarines.
Shop 64 Woodworking Shop: Consists of joiners, shipwrights, mill men, saw filers, and wood caulkers.
Shop 71 Paint Shop: Responsible for blasting ship’s hulls and all painting on board ships.
Shop 99 Temporary Services Shop: Responsible for all temporary services including fresh and salt water, steam, air, etc. Also provides gas monitoring for ships and barges.
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