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DG definitions

diagnostics terms

hemorrhoids varicose veins in the auns and rectum
polyps small growth protruding from mucous membrane
diverticula condition noted by the presence of several outpouching in the mucosal lining, extending to the musular layer of the digestive tract; presents
aphthous stomatitis small ulceration of the mucous of the mouth; canker sore
volvulus intestinal obstruction due to a twisting of the bowel
intussusception telescoping of the intrdtines; prolapse of a portion of the intestine into the lumen of n adjacent portion
occult blood/guaiac
steatorrhea increased fat contant of stools
bulimia voracious appetite
halitosis bad breath
pyrosis heartburn
melena black stools (or black vomit)usually due to presence of blood
ankyloglossia tongue-tie
eructation belching (often due to swallowing air during eating/ drinking)
ptyalism excessive secretion of saliva
flatulence excessive gas
icterus/jaundice yellowish discoloration of the skin, sclerae and membranes due to excessive amounts of bilirubin in the circulating blood
anorexia loss of appetite
stomatitis mouth
atresia congenital obstruction or nonexictence of a normal body opening(usually esophagus, rectum, or biliary tree
hematemasis vomiting blood
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