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digestion system erj


where does the digestion begin mouth
where does absorption of most nutrients take place? Water nutrients in small intestine, water in large intestine
who are the 3 parts of salivary glands Paroid cheek in front of the ear sublingual- under tongue submandibular - under lower jaw bone
what is the other name for the roof of the mouth palate
the 5 parts of the tooth enalem-outer covering of tooth, hardest substance in the body made up of the same tissue as bone crown- above the gum line dentin- bulk of tooth root- portion of tooth below the gum line pulp cavity- space inside tooth that contains blood vessels and
where are the taste buds located onthe papillae of the tongue
what is peristalsis is the wavw like muscle contraction that moves materials through the digestive tract
what is the function of the esophagus carries food from the mouth to the stomach
the location and function of gastroesophageal and pyloric sphincters gastroesophageal sphincter is located between the stomach and esophagus pyloris sphincter is between the stomach and duodenum and they allow the things to movw through
the 3 divisions of the stomach from proximal to distal fundus, body, pylorus
what does the vagus nerve do stimulates the stomach to move which includes peristalsis and acids and enzymes to get released
which substance are secreted by the stomach for digestion hydrochloric acid and enzymes are secreted by the stomach for digestion
the 3 division of the small intestine from proximal to distal duodenum, jejunum, ileum
what are villi and what is their function villi are fingerlike projection in the small intestin to increase the surface area for absorption of nutrients
bile and other digestive secretion empty into which part of small intestine duodenum
the division of the large intestine from prosimal to distal Cecum, acending colon,trasverse colon,descending colon, sigmoid colon rectum
what is the peritoneum is the serous membrane that covers the abdominalpelvic organs and lines the abdominal cavity
what is the function of the gallbladder stores and concetrates bile
what is the digestive function of the pancreas secretes enzymes that breakdown carbs, fat, and proteins
the names of 3 digestive enzymes produced by pancreas lipase, amylase, trypsin
what is the digestive function of the liver manufactures and secretes bile
know the names os the ducts that empty into the common bile duct hepatic, cystic, and pancreatic ducts empty into the common bile
what is GREAD gastroesophageal reflux Disease
what is hiatal hernia is when a portion of the stomach pushes up through diaphragm
what is cirrhosis is fatty degeneration of the liver causes scarring
what is an ileostomy? Colostomy? is when you bring a piece of the ileum through the abdominal wall for the exretion of stool
whats a ulcer is a lesion on a mucous membrane
what is OCG oral cholecystogram (gallstones)
what is BE barium enema
what is UGI upper gastrotestinal, swalow barium so dostor can look at the upper digestive system
Created by: erjola1981