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SAT 421-450

SAT deffenitions

rile to irritate or vex.
robust strong and healthy.
rouse to incite to strong anger.
ruthless cruel; merciless.
sacrilegious grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred.
sadistic enjoyment of cruelty.
sanctimonious falsely pious.
satire an artistic work in which human folly is attacked through wit or sarcasm.
savory pleasant in taste or smell.
scanty barely sufficient.
scrupulous showing strict regard for what one considers right.
scrutinize to examine closely.
sedulous diligent.
semantics the study of the meanings of words and symbols.
slander words or charges that are false.
sociology the study of human social behavior and social institutions.
somnolent sleepy; drowsy.
spare economical in use or expenditure; not wasteful.
sparse thinly scattered or distributed.
spartan sternly disciplined.
spate a sudden, almost overwhelming, outpouring.
specious false but plausible.
splenetic irritable; spiteful.
sporadic happening at irregular intervals.
spur to urge into action.
spurious fake or counterfeit.
stalwart strong and brave.
steadfast firm in purpose, resolution, or faith.
stealth in secret.
stoic to be seemingly unaffected by joy, pain, grief, etc.
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