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SAT 391-420

SAT deffenitions

purge to clear or empty.
putrid rotten.
querulous tending to complain.
quiescent marked by a state of quiet rest.
quip a clever or witty remark.
rampant unrestrained; extending unchecked.
raze to tear down completely.
rebuke to express sharp disapproval of.
recalcitrant resistant to authority.
redoubtable commanding respect.
refrain to abstain from an impulse to say or do something.
rejuvenate to restore to youthful vigor.
relic a surviving memorial of something past.
remnant a fragment or scrap.
remorse deep and painful regret for wrongdoing.
remuneration payment for goods or services.
renegade a person who deserts one factor for another.
renounce to give up or put aside voluntarily.
replete abundantly provided.
reprehensible blameworthy; worthy of criticism.
reproach to find fault with.
reprove to criticize or correct.
repudiate to cast off publicity.
repugnant distasteful.
rescind to revoke; to repeal.
reserved quiet; keeping to oneself.
resolute set in purpose or opinion.
reticent reserved; disposed to be silent.
revere to regard with respect.
rife abundant.
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