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Radiography Final Ex


For a PA Oblique of the thumb the CR is directed at the 1st_____? MCP JOINT
For a PA Projection of the thumb the hand should be in what position? Lateral Karate Chop
A lateral of the 2nd digit, what projection should you obtain Mediolateral
What does the CR enter for a Oblique of the 5th digit? PIP
For a lateral of the 4th digit what projection should you obtain? Lateral Medial
For a lateral hand the fingers whould be? Extended
The correct degree of boliquity for a PA Oblique of the hand is 45*? 45* TRUE
Where is the CR directed for a lateral hand? 2nd MCP Joint
For a PA Projection of the wrist the fingers should be? T/F False - FLEXED
For a PA Axial Schaphoid the CR is angled _____* toward the elbow? 20*
What projection demonstrate the Anterior Arch of the carpel bones? Tangential Carpal Canal
For a lateral forman the hand and wrist should be in what position Lateral Karate Chop
The elbow should be flexed at a _____* angle for a lateral projection 90*
What projection of the elbow demonstrates the radical head free of superimposition AP External Oblique
For an AP Elbow the CR should enter midway between the Epicondyles TRUE
The correct degree of OBLIQUITY for an internal or external oblique of the elbow is ____? 45*
For a lateral humerus the hand needs to be placed _____? Hand on hip
What position/projection the greater tubercle in profile laterally AP with External Rotation
Where does the CR end for a AP with External Rotation of the Shoulder 1" medial and inferior to Coracoid
What position/projection shows an "OPEN JOINT SPACE and GLENOID in profile? AP OBLIQUE - GRASHEY
Created by: spoon6464