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Fare Basis

Explaining Fare basis for airline ticketing

The limit of time you may stay on a certain fare maximum
The shortest time you may stay away on certain fares minimum
K season shoulder
H season high
L season Low
If you cancel you do not get a refund (2 words) non refundable
The entry on the ticket to put relevent messages about the fare rules endorsement
Pax is short for this passenger
the latest date that the fare must be paid and issued (two words) ticketing deadline
Advance purcharge Excursion fare APEX
Rules pertaining to changes and cancellations penalties
J and C are booking classes for what level of fare business
In USA it is called Coach what is the class of travel in all other parts of the world (inclding NZ) Economy
Another word for Premium class First
If you are flying AKL-IVC but the flight goes via CHC, since there are no direct flights what type of fare is this called (2 words) through fare
how many kilos (in 2 words) are you allowed on most international flight flying economy twenty three
what are the three letters used in Amadeus to display a fare quote FQD
QF is the code for which airline QANTAS
one of two airlines that fly throughout NZ jetstar
what do you do to a ticket if the client changes their routings reissue
what do you do to a ticket if the client just needs to change the date but the routing remains the same revalidate
what is the definition of ARNK (2 words) meaning the client has a suface sector on their itinerary arrival unknown
What is the minimum minutes for check for domestic flights thirty
F P J Y are all what? (2 words) booking classes
YHEE YOW KLNR VUSA are the what on a fare(2 words)? fare basis
Created by: jackiebrown
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