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Aviation Weather

Weather Services/Definitions

Metar Aviation Routine Weater Report / Observation of Current Condition at An Airport / Issued each 50min of a hour / Valid at issuance time only / Cover the airport
TAF Terminal Area Forecast / A concise statement of expected meteorological conditions within a 5 statute mile radius of an airport / Issued 4x a day at 0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z
FA Aviation Area Forecast / Forecast of Visual Meteorological conditions, clouds and general weather over an area of Several States. / Contain Communications and product Header, Precautionary statement, Synopsis, VFR Clouds & Weather / Issue 3times a day /
Airmet Sierra IFR Conditions and Extensive Mountain obscuration
Airmat Tango Moderate turbulence, sustained surface Winds 30 knots or greater, non-convective low-level wind shear
Airmat Zulu Moderate Icing and Freezing Levels
Sigmet Advises of Non Convective weather that is potentially hazardous to all Aircraft / Containg Sever Icing, Severe to extreme turbulence, dust or sand storm that reduce visibility to less than 2 SM, volcanic ash
Sigmet (Issued/Valid/Coverage) issued Unscheduled / Valid for 4 hours / coverage 3000 Square miles
Convective Sigmet Convective sigmet Meterological Information / Adivises of Convective Weather that is potentially hazardous to all aircraft / Issued hourly each 55min of an hour / Valid: 2 Hours / Coverage 3000 square Miles
Convective Sigmet (what it informs you) Contain Severe Thunderstorm due to Hail at surface or 2/4 inch or greater, Surface winds of 50 knots or greater, tornados, embedded Thunderstorms, A Line of Thnderstorms or thunderstorms producing heavy or greater precipitation affecting at least 40% 3ks
AIRMET Advises of non-convective weather that is potentially hazardous to all aircraft but especially to small aircrafts / Issued every six hours starting at 01:45UTC / Valid 6 hours / Coverage 3000 Square Miles
Surface Analysis Chart Contain Pressure (isobar and High Low centers) Fronts, weather stations with weather symbols: Sky coverage Wind Direction e speed, Tem/dew point and Precipitation.
Surface Analysis Chart Issued every 3 hours / Valid at issuance time only
Weather Depiction Chart Observed Flying Category (IFR MVFR, VFR) / Issued every 3 hours starting at 01Z each day / Validy issuance time only
Low level Sig Prog Four panels Top two panels are like weather depiction plus turbulence and freezing leves. Lower tow panels are like surface analysis. / Issued : 4 times a day at 0Z 6Z 12Z 18Z / valid 12 and 24 hours
NOTAM Notice to airmen / Time-critical aeronautical information of a temporary nature not sufficiently know in advance to permit publication charts. Etc that might effec a pilots decision to make a flight
NOTAM L Local / Information regarding a local airport enviroment / Contain taxiways closures, men an equipment working near or crossing runways and non-navigational lighting such as VASI
NOTAM D Distant / Information for all navigational Facilities and public airports. / Outages-limitations on VIR, ILS, NDB, DME, Major runway closure.
NOTAM FDC Flight Data Center / Information that is regulatory in nature / Amendments to aeronautical Charts & IAPS, Also TFR's
MILITARY TAF More Concise information - temperature expected High/low - Pressure expected
PIREPS Report provided from a pilot during flight reporting any diferent weather condition
EFAS Enrout Flight Advisory (Flight Watch) / Frequency 122.0 / reports Urgent Pireps/Storms/Wind Shear/Turbulence/Airmet Hazardous During flight / Youget it using Any VOR frequency of the area
Created by: Israelleite
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